Game Of Khans Mod

Do you want to revive the history and want to experience what it would feel like to be the commander of the great Mongolian empire? Then wait no more as the game of khans mod apk is a game that takes you to the adventure in the historic world of Mongolian Khans of Central Asia.

game of khans mod apk

game of khans mod apk

Mongols were mighty warriors. They attacked and conquered where they went and within a short period, they were the rulers of the majority of the lands. Now what made the Mongolians so powerful was their commanders who lead them into the battles.

So if you ever wanted to command a Mongolian horde and guide them into the battlefield then this game is for you. This Asian fantasy strategy game will allow you to conquer the world and make your name in history.

The game allows you to travel the world with your army and fight anyone who comes in your way and conquer their lands. These were the exact things for which the Mongols were famous. Now you can experience their life through this game.

In the game of khans mod apk, you have leaders in the form of the Big Khans. You can take instructions from them and command their army. Conquer most of the lands for them. You can start a love life with the beautiful daughters of your handsome khans and marry them and have children who are the heirs of the Khans.

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Updated on 19 January 2022
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The game of khans mod apk is a game where you can take part in many conquests that Mongols did. You also have the option to fight and kill. Apart from that you can train your Mongolian army on behalf of the Khans and can date, marry their daughters and raise their children.

Now the game of khans is more than just a fighting game. Rather it gives you the opportunity of experiencing a love life with the daughters of the Big Khans. Now as the khans want the next heirs for their kingdom, this is your best chance to make their daughters fall in love with you’re and marry them and have children with them.

The success of the Khans of central Asia was highly dependent upon the type of commander that they chose to lead their horde and jump into the conquests. There were many great commanders in history. Now it’s your chance to become the best commander of the Mongolian khans.

Along with fighting when you conquer the land, you can build a whole new city there. You can dictate what will happen. What are the taxes etc? You can build different sorts of useful buildings. And you can make that city flourish under your command in the game.


game of khans

game of khans

The features of the game of khans mod apk are given below.

Command a Mongolian Horde

Now is your chance to possibly command a Mongolian Horde into the conquests. Grab this opportunity and become the most favorite and loyal commander of your Khan by winning him battles and leading its army into the fights.

Get Advice from the Khans

When you take part in the battles, you can take valuable advice from the great khans of the Mongols and improve your strategy.

Build Cities

Apart from just fighting, you can build different cities like Evony and Rise of Kingdoms, and guide them and make them flourish. Different buildings are there for you to build and different tasks are there for you to complete.

Marry The Daughters

You can also marry the beautiful daughters of the khans. You can have children with them who will become the heirs of the Great Khans in the future.


Now is the chance to make history for yourself. Download the game of khans mod apk right now and lead a whole army of the Mongolian Empire into the battlefield. Go on an adventure and explore the world.