Plague Of Z Mod

The Plague Of Z Mod Apk is a zombie survival and strategy game designed for android devices. Here in this modified version of the game, you will unlimited resources and money for free.

Game Overview

Plague Of Z Mod Apk

Plague Of Z Mod Apk

Who doesn’t likes to make plans for their survival and when it comes to zombie survival games, then the thrill is on another level. This is the thrill that the Plague Of Z Mod Apk brings to the party.

In a lab during an experiment, an outbreak occurs with a deadly virus that turns healthy and living beings into zombies, walking dead humans. Now slowly the virus spreads all across the world and governments fall.

Most of the population of the world is now infected with the deadly virus and only a few people are the ones who are safe from it. You are also one of the survivors. Now your task is to go out and find as many survivors as you can and lead them to a place where they will be safe.

But safe is just a word in the Plague Of Z Mod Apk. There is actually no place safe in this game. But you have to make a base and a shelter for the survivors and teach them different survival skills including how to kill the zombies and look for the resources needed.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.1 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 105M
Updated on 16 September 2022
Category Games
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Plague Of Z Features

Plague Of Z Mod Apk

Plague Of Z Mod Apk

The features that the Plague Of Z Mod Apk brings to the table are given in the below section.

Find All The Uninfected People

There are a few people who still have not been infected by the deadly virus, these are the survivors who you have to look for. You have to go out and look for any person that is not a zombie, and take him with you to your base camp and provide him shelter.

Teach And Train The Survivors

In the game not only do you have to find all the survivors but you also need to train them in how to fight and kill the monster zombies. You also need to teach them how to live in these situations and find the available resources that you need the most.

Alliances With Survivor Groups

Plague Of Z

Plague Of Z

The zombies are in great number, no matter what you do they come with more power the next time. So to cope with this situation you have to handshake with different other survivor groups and agree on a plan to fight against these zombies together with great force and a well-defined combined strategy.

Upgrade The Base

Your base is what keeps you safe and helps you in surviving till the end. But with time zombies gain power. So you need to have a strong base which is only possible by upgrading your base regularly.

Collect Resources For Survival

As discussed earlier that you need to teach your mates how to search for resources. Once this is done you can make groups and assign duties to those people and send them to search for nearby resources. If you don’t have any resources left like food or other things then you can also send them on long-distance searches.

Fight With Other Groups

There will be another group of survivors who will be rebels. They will deny making an alliance with you and fight with you to loot your resources. So apart from the zombies, these groups are also a threat with whom you have to fight.

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The Plague Of Z Mod Apk is a zombie survival game with team building and combined strategy-making features in it. If you want to play a real zombie fighting game, then there is nowhere else to go other than downloading this Plague Of Z  from this website.