Poppy Playtime

The Poppy Playtime Apk is a horror game in which you get a first-person view. In this game, you have to step into abandoned rooms and collect as many toys as you could. Different demons and ghosts are waiting for you in the dark rooms of this horror game.

Poppy Playtime Apk

Poppy Playtime Apk

In the game, you have to go to an abandoned factory and there is a word that anyone who goes there never comes back and this mystery of disappearing people has not yet been solved. With all of that danger in mind, you have to enter the horror world.

Your main task will find all of the stolen toys by exploring the dark rooms where many horrific things are waiting for you. Don’t be afraid and focus on your goal. You will have to complete certain tasks and quests in the game also.

All different sorts of ghosts are there in those rooms. Now there are 2 ways of dealing with them in the game. If they seem harmless and do nothing you should also respect them and move away as this is your only chance.

But if those ghosts try to attack you then you will have to use the weapons that you have under your possession and kill them to stay alive and keep playing the Poppy Playtime Apk.

Additional Information

4 May 2022
Current Version
Android Required 4+
Ratings 4+
Category Games
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Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime

There is too much action and drama in this Poppy Playtime Apk. There are many things to discover and a lot of mysteries to solve. The main aim of yours is to find all the toys by staying out of any sort of danger.

You have the help of weapons if you find yourself in any danger. There is also a flashlight with you that helps you to find things so make sure to upgrade and charge it regularly.

Another amazing thing about the gameplay is that even though it is hard but the game itself helps you. Whenever you are in danger and need help you can call the game and the game will send some help or people to save you.


Poppy Playtime Apk

Poppy Playtime Apk

The features of the Poppy Playtime Apk are listed below.

Tackle Dark Shadows

As you step into the world of demons different dark shadows are waiting for you there. Their main aim is to make you feel scared and they will from time to time scare you with their actions. You can deal with them by using your flashlight which destroys them in no time.

Destroy The Demons

The shadows only threaten you but the monsters and the demons are there to attack you. There will be some demons who will not do anything so your best course of action is to leave them alone. But if some demon tries to attack you, then you have to use your weapons to kill them.

Call For Help

The amazing thing about this game is that in this game you can call the game for help. Yes, whenever you feel stuck you can call the game for the help you need and the game will itself send the necessary help to you.

Plenty Of Quests

You have different quests in this game where you can easily solve many mysteries so don’t miss out on any one of them and do your investigation properly and solve all the cases.


Concluding the topic on these thoughts that the Poppy Playtime Apk is a game for the strong heart people who like to take on horror challenges. There are many mysteries that you can solve and many demons that you can deal with. So download the game now and start exploring the dark world of this game.