Power Spider 2 Mod

Spiderman is the first love of every child. There is an enormous number of games built on the story of spiderman and people love to play all of them. The same is the case with Power Spider 2 Mod Apk which although has some relationship with spiderman but it is a more hilarious version of it.

Game Overview

Power Spider 2 Mod Apk

Power Spider 2 Mod Apk

Playing spiderman is fun because you can simulate the real actions of spiderman on your devices. You can jump, run and shoot webs and climb buildings, and swing through them. All of these special and fun actions are provided by this game.

This game is a depiction of spiderman but in a hilarious and more fun way. Your character, in short, is bitten by a spider who then gets some supernatural powers and he makes a funny spiderman suit for himself.

This suit will accompany him in his quest to eliminate all the evil and criminal forces from the city. Your tasks are to fight against the bad people and make sure that there is law and order in the city and that the people reliving a peaceful life.

Additional Information

Version 11.1
Required Android 4.4
Downloads 10,000
Size 87 MB
Ratings 4
Updated On 2 November 2022
Category Games
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Power Spider 2 Gameplay

Power Spider 2 Mod Apk

Power Spider 2 Mod Apk

This is an open-world spiderman game just like the GTA games. There is a map on the screen, some direction control buttons, and some action buttons. Major movements or actions in the Power Spider 2 Mod Apk include punching, crawling, jumping, swinging, shooting webs, etc.

Using these moves and funny suits that you have built for yourself you need to eliminate every criminal from the city. But as the game passes you will require to upgrade your suit or get new ones with more powerful features and in the later stages, the enemies are of extreme strength and power.

Power Spider 2 Features

Power Spider 2

Power Spider 2

Plenty of amazing features are offered by this game. Including everyone in a single post is not possible. So I’m just listing down the major features of the Power Spider 2 Mod Apk in the below section.

Different Powerful Suits

Your character Chris builds a suit for himself that can help him fight with the opponents. But this is not the only suit that you get. There are far more powerful suits than this. Everyone has a different power. But the only condition is that you need to unlock them to use them.

Open World To Explore

This game has been designed like the GTA games. You have a huge open world to explore with a map to guide you on every step. You can easily go out and do anything you want other than the missions and tasks. Feel free to explore as a spiderman.

Hilarious Concept

Although this is a superhero game with spiderman being the main lead a touch of fun and hilarious actions have been added. You will laugh a lot in the game while playing it. How is that? You need to explore it by yourself.

First And Third-Person View

You get two views in this game. The first one is the first-person view and the second one is the third-person view. Both of them have their advantage. The third-person view gives you a broader viewing angle and is great for exploring. While the first-person view is for the close combat fights.


If you want to play a very fun and interesting game and want to spend your time exploring a virtual city with extra supernatural powers, then you need to download this Power Spider 2 Mod Apk. It has all the ingredients that you need for pure entertainment so download the game now.