Stay Alive Mod

If you are here then you must be looking for the details on the game Stay Alive Mod Apk. So we are here to help you in getting all the details about the game. This game is a survival game that offers plenty of things that you can do. Just read the below paragraphs for better knowledge about the game.

Game Overview

Stay Alive Mod Apk

Stay Alive Mod Apk

So the Stay Alive Mod Apk is one of the most exciting survival games that you will see. The game brings a zombie survival action with it. Yes, you will be facing challenges regarding zombies.

This is not an ordinary zombie game where you only have to shoot them and get points. It is more of a constant survival where zombies are a threat but you have to live a peaceful life as well.

You will be crafting weapons and building houses and shelters. Growing plants and other crops for the sake of food is also a priority for you in the game. Stealth zombie killing is also another amazing thing you can do.

You can go out and explore and if you found any zombie hideouts you can carry out a stealth operation to attack them in silence and kill them with your weapons. The Stay Alive Mod Apk will teach you the art of surviving and getting along with your life when the threat of zombies is still there.

Additional Information

Version 0.15.7
Required Android 4.1 and up
Size 83MB
Ratings 4+
Downloads 10,000+
Updated on 15 November 2022
Category Games
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Stay Alive Gameplay

Stay Alive Mod Apk

Stay Alive Mod Apk

Killing the zombies, taking part in group and co-op operations, building homes, constructing base camps, guarding them with mercenaries, and installing obstacles and traps for the zombies to fall in, are all the options in terms of gameplay that the Stay Alive Mod Apk provides.

You can craft as many weapons as you want like Grow Turrent. Craft weapons for every moment. Go out and explore the land with your friends and look for the other survivors. Take them back with you and teach them skills and the art of survival and then take work from them by giving them certain tasks. You can become the supreme example of survival here in the Stay Alive game.

Stay Alive Features

Stay Alive

Stay Alive

So as the Stay Alive Mod Apk comes with lots of features it is very difficult to discuss every one of them. So instead of discussing every feature, I will be going for the major ones below.

Find More Survivors

More survivors mean more manpower and more manpower means a better chance of finding more items when you are on an exploration. So go out and find as many survivors as you can. Bring them back to your land and teach them the necessary skills that they can use to survive.

Train Mercenaries

You can look for the survivors who are somehow interested in fighting. Gather them and train them how to fight. When they are good enough you can assign them roles to guard the base against the attacks of the zombies.

Make And Guard The Base Camp

In the above paragraph, I mentioned a base camp. Yes, you will have to build a base for yourself from where you will be operating. This will be the place where all the resources will go and from where all the strategies will be made. So guard it with weapons and people and let not zombies attack it.

Plan And Stealth Kill The Zombies

Old-style zombie is not what you can expect from this game. Here you can find the zombie hideouts and then plan an operation with your friends to attack them in silence. You can kill them and win more points.

What’s New?

  • The Game is updated to the latest version
  • Minor bugs and performance improved.

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The amazing thing that this game offers is the number of survival options and the difficulty to achieve them. You can go for different strategies that you can make with your friends in the co-op mode. So what are you waiting for, just download the Stay Alive Mod Apk and kill as many zombies as you can?