Swiit Crush Mod

For all the singles out there who have not found their true one yet, this game that I’m today discussing with you is specially made for you guys. The name is the Swiit Crush Mod Apk and more details are presented in the below sections.

Game Overview

Swiit Crush Mod Apk

Swiit Crush Mod Apk

The Swiit Crush Mod Apk is a virtual dating application or game, designed for all the singles out there. Here you’ll get a chance to create your personality and play the game according to yourself.

There are more than 100 different character profiles with whom you can interact and build up your relationship. The game is a dating app game but whether will be romantic or not, this all depends upon the choices that you make.

And when I mention choices, I fairly mean that the game is a choices-based story game. There will be tons of different chapters from different stories that you can play in this Swiit Crush Mod Apk. So don’t shy away and dive into the dating world of this amazing virtual dating game.

Additional Inforamtion

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 45 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 October 2022
Category Games
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Swiit Crush Gameplay

The game is a dating app game. This you should know by now. But the dates will be romantic or unromantic, this thing depends on you as to how you would like to go with the things.

You can choose to become an arrogant boyfriend or a sassy girlfriend or even you can be that flirty boy who has more than one relationship and cheats on all of them. You can also go and be that loyal friend who is there for everyone in their bad times. All of this and more await you inside this amazing dating game.

Your choices also matter a lot here as they decide how your romantic story will go. If you are lonely and want to have some fun by interacting with people then you can always count on this game.

Swiit Crush Features

Swiit Crush

Swiit Crush

The following are ye some of the features of the Swiit Crush Mod Apk that I would like to share with you people.

Amazing Stories With Plenty Of Chapters

The game comes with amazing stories to play in. There are different scenarios and different scenes. Each story in this Swiit Crush game is having plenty of different chapters. Just unlock them and play those.

Unlock Pictures

Your crush or your partner has pictures that you would like to see. You can use the game coins that you gathered through playing the game in unlocking those photos. Once you unlock them you can view them easily.

Characters With Side Stories

Even the characters that you interact with inside the game, the characters with whom you want to build your relationship, have their own side stories. By chatting with them and interacting with them, you’ll get the chance to know their side of the story and their backgrounds as well.

Chose Your Style

The game allows you to decide how your relationship will go. You can choose your style of interaction. Be the boss and a rude boyfriend or go slow and soft and be the caring one. Put the taste of romanticism in the relationship or ruin it and cheat on your partner. It all depends on you and you are free to go.

Chat With Characters

You’ll get an amazing dating experience with this app. That chat option allows you to chat with your crush or your partner and pass your time easily through virtual interaction.


The Swiit Crush Mod Apk is all about dating and finding people for yourself. If you were lonely before this, you’ll not be that alone anymore. Just download the game right now and get started straight away.