Top War Mod

If you are looking for the Top War Mod Apk then you have landed on the right page. This is a strategy war game where you will get a lot of opportunities to capture different villages and cities of your opponents with the help of your army.

Game Overview

Top War Mod Apk

Top War Mod Apk

There are tons of different strategy games having their unique flavor. But this Top War Mod Apk is the best strategy war game that you will ever get due to its high-quality graphics and multiple playing modes alongside the different characters and heroes that you will get in the game.

The tyrant’s evil army is taking over the world and the world needs a heroic commander who can fight with them. You in these difficult times will get a chance to defend your land and fight with all of these tyrants in this strategy war game.

There is a whole world waiting for you to be captured. You have to recruit as many people as you can in your army. And like every other thing, your army also needs someplace where they can train, rest, eat, etc. So for that reason, you have to build a military base on a deserted island where your army will live and train.

With all the money that you will get by doing missions and quests, you can further expand your base. There are more than 40 different types of heroes that you can grab in the game one by one unlocking them with your money.

At the blacksmith’s shop, you will also get as many weapons as you like. You can either purchase the developed ones or you can also craft your fantasy weapons having your creativity in them.

There are different units that you can add to your army. Mainly in the Top War Mod Apk, you will get all of the air force, the land army, and the naval army at your disposal with each having its commander and tactical advantages.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.2 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 148MB
Updated on 14 June 2022
Category Games
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Top War Gameplay

Top War Mod Apk

Top War Mod Apk

The Top War Mod Apk’s basic aim is to be the commander who can capture as many lands as he can. For this purpose, you will get many heroes and different units of the army at your disposal.

The game features a lot of playing game modes. The multiplayer mode is the one to look out for. Here you will be playing either in the solo 1v1 battle or a team fight of a 2v2 one. There are also many offline playing modes where you can test your skills. More of these will be discussed in the features section.

Top War Features

Top War

Top War

The features that make this Top War Mod Apk game a must-download one are given below.

Upgrade Through Merge

These strategy games have the best thing that you can upgrade anything from buildings to the people. But the bad thing about them is that they require too much time doing that. So here in this game, you won’t face this problem. All you have to do is to merge the two related units to merge them and they will be upgraded very quickly. You can do this with buildings your army units your weapons etc.

Diverse Character Classes

There are different character classes in this game that you can choose from. The options are insane. You can recruit different characters from the tactical masters class. There are also different great scientists that you can have in your team to develop new things. Combat soldier class and great commanders are also some classes that make a difference in this game.

Different Army Units

You can have as many army units having different special heroes as you want. The number is unlimited but the basic classes are 3. That being the land army, an air force, and a naval army that can be used at different places in the different battles.

Army Base

Your army will need a place to gather and rest or train. This is where your army will gain its strength. So for that reason, you have to build a base on the deserted island and surround it with different other buildings to facilitate your men. Later you can expand this base to the other captured areas.


The beat military strategy game is here for you. The Top War Mod Apk is a great game where you will learn how the actual war and attack and defense work. Most of the paid and locked items have already been unlocked for you. So don’t wait and download this game right now.