WCB2 Mod

Are you a fan of cricket? But have failed in finding the best cricket game in terms of mechanics and graphics? Now you don’t have to worry as you have landed on the right page. The WCB2 Mod Apk is a 3D cricket game with a lot of cool features and awesome realistic gameplay. WCB2 full form is World Cricket Battle 2.

Game Overview

WCB2 Mod Apk

WCB2 Mod Apk

Cricket is a game that many of us know about and there is hardly a person from the subcontinent who hasn’t played cricket once in his lifetime. So today for the cricket freaks I’m bringing a game that is full of cool features that you will adore. The WCB2 Mod Apk is not your ordinary cricket game.

Rather the game has some cool graphics that serve as the main selling point. Playing this game is an art in itself. Unlike other games, here you will get real and dynamic gameplay. And when I say dynamic I mean that the gameplay is unpredictable.

The AI of the game is designed very carefully. So when you’ll play the game you will notice that the AI opponent will closely monitor your shots and your playing style. After that, it will dynamically change its tactics and reset itself according to you. So now you cant hit sixes and fours very easily.

The game also features a fully functional career mode. Here you will be asked to select your character and he will begin his journey from the gully cricket. The more it plays the more progression it will make which will take him to the world stage, and you will help him do that.

The stadiums that are designed beautiful y with the realistic crowd and background sounds are a plus to look for in this WCB2 Mod Apk. These little things make any game the best-selling game, and this game has a lot of these items.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 60M
Updated on 9 June 2022
Category Games
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WCB2 Gameplay

WCB2 Mod Apk

WCB2 Mod Apk

The WCB2 Mod Apk is for hardcore cricket lovers as the game is not very easy to play and you have to put some effort into playing the game Like WCC3. The DRS system is also very professional and you will get some cool options like snickometer, hawkeye, Ball tracking, run-out reviews, and amazing cut scenes.

Both the online and offline game modes are present in the game. You can log into the game and challenge your friends for a real-time faceoff in multiplayer mode. In the offline mode, you can either play some quick games, play seasons and tournaments with your favorite teams or also start a career mode for yourself.

WCB2 Features



The features of the WCB2 Mod Apk will help you in knowing the game in a better way. Let’s talk about the features now.

Fully Functional Gully Cricket

Unlike other games, here you will get a fully working gully cricket mode. Here you will play with the tape ball in the streets of your hometown. This gully cricket mode is in the career mode. So starting from zero will teach you a lot of things.

D/L Method

Another important feature to note about this game is its D/L mode. The weather in this is not constant during the matches and it changes with time. So if it rains the game will stop and the result will be declared concerning the D/L method. This added functionality makes this game look super real.

Dynamic AI Opponent

Your opponent in the game is not like other game opponents. Rather it is designed cleverly. It monitors all your moves and shots and after that, it analyzes them and sets itself according to your playing nature. After this playing shots will be very difficult for you.

Challenge For Friends

The game also features real-time quick cricket challenges. You can challenge any of your friends for a quick face-off in multiplayer mode. There are also many random players whom you can play against in this multiplayer mode.

Different Tournaments

Different sorts of both domestic and international tournaments are there for you to take part in. Just select your preferred team and then take it into the tournaments to show off your skills.


So if you wish to get all the things unlocked in the game, then you need to download our modified version of the game. The WCB2 Mod Apk has all the locked items unlocked for you so you just have to focus on playing the shots and enjoying the game.