Exodus Injector

No doubt the ML is the most famous and most played game competing with the PUBG. It is a MOBA-style game with over 100 million players worldwide. That is the reason there are so many different third-party apps supporting this game with Exodus Injector being the one. Note V5 is the latest version with password.

Exodus Injector

Exodus Injector

To know more about this Exodus Injector Apk just follow this article. So the Exodus Injector is for those people who are unable to get all the premium items of the game in a legal way. These items mostly include the skins for characters. And in the game, they are listed for real money.

So if you need these skins you can download this injector and then get them all for free. This injector is different from other injectors in many ways. Firstly it has other items as well apart from just skins. You can get the skills, battle effects, emotes, etc for free.

Secondly, all of the items are nicely grouped into different categories and from there you can access them easily. The theme of the app is dark and moody. Plus you also don’t need to root your device as you can use this without even rooting your mobile phone.

Additional Information

Version V5
Size 10 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 21 April 2022
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



First, you have to download the Exodus Injector to get the free features. Next, you need to give the storage permissions and after that, you can search or explore the app for your desired item. Once you locate it you can add it directly to your game and when you will open your game, that thing will be available to you.

While doing this you might be wondering if your account could get banned. But this is not the case with this app, as this app has its very own anti-ban system. Your account will not be compromised while using it for your advantage.


Exodus Injector

Exodus Injector

In the below section of the article, I will be discussing the major features of the Exodus Injector Apk.

Free Emotes

You can get free emotes, dozens of them with this app. Emotes are a sort of thing used to communicate and interact. They are limited in the ML game, and you have to purchase them once you run out of them. So if you have this app installed, you can easily have them.

Battle Effects

There are a lot of effects while you battle. They are shown on recalls, deaths, power-ups, etc. So if you want to look cool and want to show off, then you can have different effects for these different types of events. Just search for your favorite ones and add to the game.

Skins Of Characters

The best thing about the ML bang bang game and the injectors is the skins. There are more than 400 skins for this game in this injector. So if you wish to have all of those premium skins for your character, then you can download and inject them into the game using this app.

No Root

There is no need to root your device to use this app. You can simply use it without rooting your mobile phones.


If you are fed up with using the boring backgrounds over and over again, then you can replace them with different location backgrounds using this injector. It is free of cost and you can have plenty of different backgrounds.


My closing remarks on the Exodus Injector are that it is one of the most beautifully designed injectors for the mobile legends game. Here you will find all of your items for free and all of them are categorized into groups so that you can locate them easily.