YomaSu Patcher

If you are here then you might be a player of ML game. This game is going viral these days with its exciting short battles and different heroes to work with. But do you know that most of the quality items in this game are not accessible at all unless you buy them? So if you want to stay away from the hassle of buying these items, then the YomaSu Patcher or YomaSu Injector will help you.

YomaSu Patcher

YomaSu Patcher

Like every other Injector tool, the YomaSu Patcher has the same motive and that is proving the best free MLBB game items to the players so that they don’t have to buy them at all.

So talking about the app, I will start with the skins. This unlike many other apps has 2 options for the skins. Premium quality skins are available but the unique feature of this app is that it provides skin to skin option where you can easily replace the old skin of a hero with a new one.

This application also has a lot of different sorts of heroes for your ML game. You can unlock them easily using the app. Backgrounds are also available and are fully customized here in this YomaSu Patcher or YomaSu Injector.

Additional Information

Version V1.12 Part 12
Size 5.6 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Developer Yoma Soou ML
Updated on 25 February 2024
Category Injector
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



If you want to run this YomaSu Patcher or YomaSu Injector smoothly on your phone all you need to do is to provide the location access to the app when it asks you for it. After that using it is not difficult you just have to click on the thing that you need and add it to your ML game.

An anti-ban option gives you the relaxation of not getting your account banned while using it. Different lobby screen backgrounds are available with an option to get different premium emotes for free. The battle effects and other cheats can also be accessed using this application.


YomaSu Patcher Apk

YomaSu Patcher Apk

The features of the YomaSu Patcher or YomaSu Injector have been listed down below.

Free Skins

If you want free and updated skins for your ML heroes then you need to look at this application for a second as here you will get all of the ML skins for free. The app has skins for all the categories like Tank, Mage, MM, Support, Assassin, Fighter, etc.

Apart from the most common skins that you can get are the Collector Epic, Special, Starlight, Elite, Legend, Season, Lightborn, Backup, etc.

Skin To Skin Option

The skin-to-skin option of this app lets you replace the old skins of the same hero with new skins. This option is not available in most applications of this kind.

Recall Animations

If you want to have different types of recall animation that you can use in the battles, you can unlock all of them for free by using this hack tool.


YomaSu Patcher

YomaSu Patcher

Getting all of the cool emotes in the ML game is not very easy and they are very much expensive. But if you want to convey your message to the other players you need some cool emotes. Luckily you will get to unlock different quality emotes using this application. The options are, Bigetron, Evos Legends, Onic Esports, RRQ Hoshi, RRQ Lemon, LoL, smile killer, Art of ice, Feeling Energetic, Hello, File Master, Merry Christmas, Genflix Aerowolf, Alter Ego, etc.

ML Heroes

This application also lets you unlock many different heroes like Chou, Zilong, Gusion, Fanny, Helcurt, Selena, Esmeralda, Vale, Cellion, Angela, Claude, Granger, Wanwan, Hanabi, Altas, Estes, Kaja, Guinevere, Kufra, Franco, Johson, Grock, Roger, Alucard, etc.

What’s New?

  • Updated to the latest version  V1.13
  • Interface improved
  • More skins unlocked.
  • Graphics are much improved
  • better performance now.
  • Supports more games in the latest version.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • MLBB black screen
  • Random hero icons
  • Enjoy new features in 2023

Watch Video How to Use This Patcher


If you want to get all of the premium heroes, their skins, battle effects, and emotes of premium quality then you should download this YomaSu Patcher or YomaSu Injector. It has all of the things available under one roof and guesses what is also available in the dark mode, so download it now. Try more injectors such as Rapid Inject Pro and Death Patcher as well.