Fakecez Modz

Modded games are the best as they provide you a chance to get different premium items for free along with some built-in cheats and hacks that give you extra control over the game so winning becomes easier for you. The Fakecez Modz is a modified version of the Mobile legends game that has some extra cool features and options.

Fakecez Modz

Fakecez Modz

So as you know that we have covered different sorts of hack tools for the players of ML. You can check them on our website. But there are people, who instead of using these hack tools want a solution in the form of a modified version of games where all of their items are included inside that version.

So this app is for all of those people. Here in this modified version of the ML game, you will not only get different skins for all of your different ML heroes and character classes, but also you will get some in-battle cheats and hacks that will help you win the games.

These hacks include ESP hacks like player lines, ESP box, Player Distance analyzer, player 360 alerts, etc. You also get to set the parameters for these esp like the box sizes, the box positions, etc in this Fakecez Modz.

Additional Information

Version v50.1
Size 272MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and Up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2023
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



The Fakecez Modz Apk is here to solve all of your ML-related problems. This modded version has some very cool features and options. Here you will get different frame rates that your original ML game does not provide.

You also get different skins of characters along with the option to get unlocked effects and emotes for your ML game. The maps that were unlocked in the original version of the game have already been unlocked here in this version along with having a drone view hack for the maps to get the view of the enemy bases.


Fakecez Modz Apk

Fakecez Modz Apk

The features of the Fakecez Modz are given in the below text.

Additional Frame Rates

In the original version of the Mobile Legends, the frame rates that you get were only 60 FPS. But here in this game version, you will get some additional frame rates for the ML game. These options are the original 60 FPS, a 90 FPS, and a 120 FPS frame rate.

Skins Unlock

All the skins that you need are already included in this version of the ML game and have been unlocked. These are all the skins for fighters, marksmen, tanks, support, assassins, supports, and mages.

ESP Menus

This is the coolest option of the Fakecez Modz. The Extra Sensory Perception or the ESP is a cheat or hack that you can use in your mobile legends bang bang game. This cheat gives the ML heroes the ability to detect all the nearby objects and everything on the battlefield. The options under this cheat are.

  • ESP Player Line
  • ESP Box
  • Player Distance
  • Player 360 Alert

ESP Settings Menu

Not only you can get all of the above ESP hacks with this Fakecez Modz but also you can alter the setting for each cheat that you will get here with the app. These settings for the ESP menus include the

  • Line & Box Size Settings
  • Box Top Position Settings
  • Box Right Position Settings
  • Distance Text Size Settings

Drone Views

Who can forget the drone view where you get a very close view of the entire battlefield? Yes, this app has a built-in drone view cheat for the ML game that you can use very easily. Combined with the ESP cheats, this drone view will ensure you won’t lose any battle. You also get a drone view in Gusion Skin Injector and Nix Injector, etc.

What’s New

  • Updated to V30.0
  • More skins are unlocked now
  • Drone View’s
  • latest version is optimized and fast.
  • So update it now.


Forget about the premium items that are unlocked in this modified version of the ML game. The amount of cheats and hacks that this Fakecez Modz provides is insane. So if you want to win every battle in the ML game, then you need to download this app.