Worst Injector

If you are here today then I am sure that you play the Mobile Legends every day and are in search of a hack tool that can give you different premium game items for free. And guess what? Today I have an amazing app for you. This Worst Injector is a great cheat tool for the players of ML. I’ll tell you more about it today.

Worst Injector

Worst Injector

The Worst Injector is for those dudes who wish to have full control over the game. If you have played the MLBB game then you would know that getting all the skins for different characters is not a piece of cake for everyone. You need to have a very strong skill set to win every match and earn enough points to unlock them or have a large amount of money.

So if you lack both things then you can shift to this app. Here in this app, you will get multiple things. Starting with the number of skins that you get is insane. For every character, you will get every skin.

Apart from just being a skin injector you will also get some cheats and hacks like having a drone view of the entire battlefield and getting some map hacks along with changing the background of your menu screens.

Additional Information

version V24
Size 7.2MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 10 January 2024
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



Let’s start with the working of the Worst Injector. Here all you need to do is to browse the different items that you like. After that, all you will have to do is to get or inject these items into the game by clicking the buttons.

And when you will open the game then things will be unlocked and will be ready to use. The skins that this game has also include some anime skins for the anime fans. Battle effects that make up the environment for the battlefields are also available with full customization.


Worst Injector Apk

Worst Injector Apk

The features of the Worst Injector are given in the below text.

All Skins Available

The Worst Injector lets you get all of the ML character skins for free like DL Gaming and Emote Injector, etc. You can get the skins for each character in the game. Some of the characters that you can get skins for are Gusion, Grock, Change, Valir, Silvanna, Hanzo, Estes, Fanny, Nana, and many more.

Get Battles Emotes

Emotes are the items through which the characters or the heroes in the game show their emotions. They appear on the top of each character. With this app you will get more than 48 different kinds of emotes including Evos Legends, Am I Scary, Feel Energetic, LoL, etc.

Battle Recalls

If you wish to get custom or advanced battle recalls, then all you have to do is to install this app. Here you will get Dragon Mark, Halloween, Lightborn, Snowman, Starlight, and other more than 35 different effects for your battle recalls.

Get A Drone

Worst Injector

Worst Injector

Having a drone and its drone view is very much helpful in the ML game as they allow you to see the entire area from the top and if you can zoom it then you can easily monitor the actions of your opponents. So with this app, you can get a drone view and a zoom of more than 6x.

Effects For Elimination

If you wish to get all of the elimination effects like Classic, K.O, Roaming Ghost, and Super Kill then you can get all of these and the other 12 plus battle elimination effects for free.

Free Skins

Here are some skins that are given below. You can use these skins for character customizations as well.

  • Valis
  • Estes
  • Silvanna
  • X Brog
  • Aldous
  • Change
  • Lolita


You don’t have to pay for the premium things in the Worst Injector. Don’t go on the name of the app as the features and options that this app has are better than its name. You can easily win matches and portray yourself as a pro player in the game using this injector.