Yasin Gaming Injector

With the increasing popularity of the Mobile Legends game, the demand for hack tools and cheat tools has increased as everyone wants to be ahead of the competition and these apps can you do that. The Yasin Gaming Injector is also a cheat tool for your MLBB game. Note you will get the Yasin gaming injector password here for free.

Yasin Gaming Injector

Yasin Gaming Injector

The Yasin Gaming Injector is a third-part injection tool for your MLBB game. Here using this app you can do all the inaccessible things that you can not do in the actual game without paying for them.

For instance, you can easily get the skins for your different characters free of cost and look cool and professional in the game. The app supports all of the skins for Mages, Fighters, Tanks, Marksman, etc.

You would be surprised to know that you can get more than 30 different kinds of emotes for your MLBB game using this app and that too without any cost. So next time you will be interacting with other players using your unlimited amount of emotes.

Moving to the next thing is the amazing effects that you see during battles. There are typically effects produced on attacks, eliminations, spawns, recalls, etc. So if you want your effects there, you can use this Yasin Gaming Injector for that purpose.

Additional Information

Version v1.7.0
Size 5.8 MB
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2023
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Available
Password Odading



You don’t have to be a specialized IT guy to use this app. The Yasin Gaming Injector is perfectly designed for any kind of audience. After downloading it you just need to view all the items and the one that you like, you just have to click the inject button to get it in your game.

So with this much ease, anyone from you can get all of the above-mentioned things like skins, emotes, and recall effects for free. What I did not mention yet is the number of lobby backgrounds that you will in this app. So explore it to know more about it.


Yasin Gaming Injector

Yasin Gaming Injector

The features of the Yasin Gaming Injector are provided below.

Custom Analog

The user of the Yasin Gaming Injector can get free of cost custom analog for the mobile legends bang bang game. You can get Channel INI customs by Yasin Gaming Boboiboy, Naruto & Sasuke, and many more.

Battlefield Emotes

The battlefield emotes are required to convey emotions to the other players during the battles. So if you want some custom and more emotes than the stock ones provided to you then you should use this app. You can get emotes like Channel INI Custom by the Developer, Feel Energetic, Escape, Love Ya, Come and Hit me, Happy Valentine, Sarcasm, etc.

Custom Lobby Backgrounds

This injection app can also be used to have different backgrounds for your lobby and other menus. You can select from a variety of different backgrounds. All of them are different locations in the game.


The number of skins that you get for your fighters, mages, tans, marksman, etc is insane. There are skins supported for every character in the game. So if you want some exciting and cool skins then use this tool.

No Ban System

Using cheat tools lands you in a situation where your account gets banned by the real developers of the game. So if you want to be free of that problem then use this tool as it has a perfectly designed mechanism for the ban system. So using it won’t compromise your account in any way.

What’s New?

  • Updated to the latest version v1.7.0


The Yasin Gaming Injector is for those who want to do something in the MLBB game or want to prove themselves but don’t have enough money to buy the premium items. So if you are one of those then you need to download it.