DL Gaming Injector

Having all of those cool skins and different pro-level effects and skills is not a joke in the MLBB game. Either it costs you a lot of money or very much time in playing and winning battles. But what if I tell you that you can have all of these items without any of the above conditions. Yes, you can easily do this with the help of the DL Gaming Injector.

DL Gaming Injector

DL Gaming Injector

So a DL Gaming Injector Apk is the hack tool for the Mobile Legends ( you probably know about many till now ). This app can give you free access to a lot of different paid game items. For instance, you can have different pro-level skins for all of your characters like mages, tanks, fighters, and all of the other categories of heroes.

One thing that most people worry about is the ban of their accounts while using these hack tools. But this app can make you go free of that tension as it has perfectly designed mechanisms that will make sure that your account is not compromised while using it.

The app also lets you have all of the competitive advantages in the game by allowing you to have a rank booster for your account. Moreover, the DL Gaming Injector is packed with more cool options that I will tell you about in the below sections.

Additional Information

Version V15
Size 6MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2023
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



After downloading the DL Gaming Injector what you get is the joy of being the most pro player in the MLBB. You get different premium-level skins, all characters unlocked, map hacks, more than 30 different backgrounds for the lobby and other menu screens, battle emotes, battle effects, etc.

The app also lets you have a wider playing experience by adjusting the game screen to your mobile screen. You can also switch to the tablet view to have an, even more, wider view of the entire battlefield using this application.


DL Gaming Injector Apk

DL Gaming Injector Apk

Below I am going to mention the features of this app.

BattleField Drone View

The app gives you the option of having a drone view of the entire battlefield where you can have a zoom of 2x to 10x meaning you can zoom as much as you want to have a keen observation of the enemy areas. Franmoza also provides the game feature

Hero Skins

Having all of those cool skins for your different kinds of heroes is so much fun. So if you wish to have all of the skins for your different heroes, then you should download this application as there are too many skins available waiting to be injected into the game.

Screen Backgrounds

A lobby is a place where you wait until you are matched with other players. You also come here with the other players after the battle. So having a nice lobby is a dream of many people. You can have a different background of more than 34 in number using this application. Not only just the lobby but the other menu screens can also be customized using the app.

Battlefield Effects

You must know that the effects produced during the battles are a great way of enhancing the gameplay of the MLBB. So if you want your custom effects, instead of buying them you should use the free ones given in this app.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features of the DL Gaming Injector are given below.

  • Simple injection process.
  • All premium features are accessible.
  • New skins and cheats were added.
  • Skins for all ML heroes.
  • Battle Emote more than 31 right now.
  • Up to 24 Background lobby options to customize the background of the game.
  • EFEK Recall.
  • EFEK Elimination.
  • Drone View from 2X to 10X works with all maps.
  • Effek Spawn is available.
  • Analog Custom options of more than 30.
  • Rank Booster.
  • Border Avatar.
  • Backups for all files are available.
  • Strong anti-ban system.
  • The English language is available.
  • So you can enjoy all these features for free.


I have told you enough about the DL Gaming Injector. Now it is your choice whether you want to download this tool or not. If you don’t download it, it is your choice but you will be missing a lot if do not download it. So give it a try.