Franmoza Injector

The Mobile Legends is a fighting MOBA-style game where a team of 5 players fights with another team consisting of the same amount of players. Here the game design is in such a way that there is a lot of room for customization. These items can be availed from the game store. But the premium ones are not for everyone and if you are among those people, then the Franmoza Injector is what you should look at.

Franmoza Injector

Franmoza Injector

The Franmoza Injector is as the name tells that is a cheat or a hack tool or whatever you like to call it. Using it you can get some help in your mobile legends game. The different items that you see in the store, that are paid, for can be availed for free using this application.

If you like skin and what it is for your character, or your gun, but you don’t have enough amount of money with you, then don’t worry as you can easily unlock and use that skin with this app.

Moreover, you also get some other benefits of using this Franmoza Injector such as getting the border hack where the game screen is matched to your mobile screen to give you a proper view along with some map hacks and other customization background options.

Additional Information

Name Franmoza Injector Apk
Version 3.3
Size 18 MB
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2023
Category Injectors
Password Franmoza



If you want to use this application, then it is not a hard task. After downloading the app you can easily look for the item that you want in your game and then click the inject button. The different character skins can be unlocked using the app.

You will also get a nice top drone view from multiple angles using this app. This will let you have a nice look over the enemy areas that you can do from the ground. In this way, you can easily analyze all of their moves and actions.


Franmoza Injector Apk

Franmoza Injector Apk

The features of the Franmoza Injector are given in the below section.

Free Drone View

In this application, you will see that all of your favorite skins of the mobile legends game are available. You can easily locate any skin that you want and after that, you can easily have it in your game on your character. You will also get a drone view in Memeng TV Injector and Recall Injector

Recall Effect

If you want some customization in the recall effects like if the recall is initiated, an effect is produced. So if you wish to change that recall, you can install this app and there you will find several other cool effects for this event.

Battle Emotes

Emotes are also limited in the Mobile Legends. So if you want them in unlimited quantity, then you can easily do that by installing this application and adding those emotes to your game.

Unlock All Skins

All the skins of the mobile legends that you like and see in the store in the premium section, listed for real money or diamonds can be unlocked using this app. Just inject or add them to the game and use them for free.

No Ban

The smart working mechanisms of the application make sure that your account is not compromised while using its third-party services. So don’t worry while using the app, your account won’t be compromised.

Battle Effects

Different battle effects can also be unlocked using this app. Different customized effects for any kind of event in the game are available. So don’t miss this chance.

Additional Features

  • Online server and data load.
  • Open skins of all MOBA heroes.
  • Drone view.
  • Radar map hack.
  • Try Enemies when traffic.
  • Show Cooldown.
  • Recall and Respawn Effects.
  • Background and Battle Emotes.


The app is for all those people who want some free items for their Mobile legends game. If you haven’t checked out this particular injector then you are way behind other players of the ML. Just download the Franmoza Injector and get all of the premium items for free.