New Imoba Injector

Now you know every day we bring you a new hack tool for your Mobile Legends game. This is because there is a huge demand for these tools as the popularity of the Mobile Legends is increasing day by day. So more people want such types of apps. Today one is the Imoba Injector.

Imoba Injector

Imoba Injector

The New imoba injector just like any other injection tool is a third-party application for the ML game. Here not only you will be getting some premium customization options for your game, but you will also get some cool cheats and hacks for the game.

Now as most people know that skins are required in such types of games. The premium skins make you look like a hard-core gamer of the game. But purchasing them for money is not preferred by many people at all.

For that reason and for those players, these types of apps are designed. Moreover, this app also lets you have all the skins for your mage, fighter, support, assassin, tank, etc. You will also get some cool anime skins in the imoba injector. Skin upgrades are also a part of this app. Maphacks, animations, effects, etc can also be found here in this app.

Additional Information

Version v6.1 Part 70
Size 7.7 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 23 April 2022
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Availble



This application i-e Imoba Injector is very easy to use. Here you will find all the premium skins of different characters. You will also get more than 40 recalls and other battle effects and animations.

The app also provided some custom map options for you. The maps have been customized. You will also get a drone feature. This feature will give you some extra advantage over the other players as you can see them from a distance and launch an attack accordingly. To know more about the app, let’s refer to the features section below.


New Imoba Injector

New Imoba Injector

The features of the Imoba Injector are given below.

Free Skins For Major Characters

The game has some cool skins for your major characters. If you play the ML game, then you would know that these are tank, mage, fighter, support, assassin, etc. There are different skins available for them.

7x Drone View

The next thing that you will get with this Imoba Injector is the drone view with a 7x zoom-in capacity. This is a huge advantage here in this ML game. As you will be seeing all the players from a wider angle and can zoom in to a great extent, it’ll be easy for you to track all their activities. You will also get the drone view in Ez Stars

Custom Maps

The developers made sure that you get the most customizable options in this app Like ML Plus. So for that reason, you will get some customized options for your game maps. You can explore them and inject the ones that you like.

Anime Skins

If you are a fan of anime content and play the ML game, then it is time to combine both things as the app offers some skins options for the anime people as well as a lot of anime character styles skins for your fighters.

Additional Features

Some additional features of the imoba Injector are given below.

  • Battle Emote
  • Analogs
  • Background ML
  • Custom Intro ML
  • Border MLBB
  • Updated skins.
  • New battle effects, like recalls, respawn, elimination, etc.
  • Effect Recall
  • Battle Notification
  • Effect Respawn
  • Effect Elimination


If you wish to play and dominate the mobile Legends game then you do need pro-level skills or a cheat app. And believe me, there is no better option than the Imoba Injector. It has all the things that you will need for your ML game. So download the app now and have some premium skins and cheats for your game.