Altlove Gaming Injector

To our list of the injectors for the mobile legends game, the new entry is the Altlove Gaming Injector. It is yet another amazing cheat injector for the ML game. It has all the necessary features that you would expect from a top-quality ML injector tool. Today I will guide you through this injector.

Altlove Gaming Injector

Altlove Gaming Injector

So as you all know with the increasing popularity of the ML game, the number of injectors and cheat tools is also increasing. These tools help you get the things that are not possible to get in the real game without money or the game currency.

So either you need to be rich or you should be a pro player with a lot of victories by your side to be able to buy these things. So what an Altlove Gaming Injector Apk provides?

Then I will tell you that this injector is very much famous for providing a library of free skins for your characters in mobile legends. Whether it be a mage or a fighter, or support, or even a tank you will get the skins for every type of character with this Altlove Gaming Injector.

The options don’t stop here as it provides you with an option where you can have as many backgrounds as possible for different menu screens along with providing you a bug fix tool for your mobile legends game.

Additional Information

Version V4
Size 18MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2023
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



Working with the Altlove Gaming Injector is as like working with any other injection tool. You need to browse the options and add as many of them as you want to your game providing the storage and other permissions it asks for.

Here in the app you also get different effects that can be used in the battles. This will make you look like a pro player in the game whenever a customized premium effect will be launched by you everyone will think that you have access to a pro player in the game that is why you have all these skins and effects.


Altlove Gaming Injector Apk

Altlove Gaming Injector Apk

The features of the Altlove Gaming Injector are given in the below section.

Huge Skin Library

The Altlove Gaming Injector has a very huge library of all of the premium skins to decorate your character. You can browse all the options here and then if you like any or multiple, you can easily add them to your game without any kind of hesitation.

Bug Fixing Tool

This option is not available in all the injectors of ML out there. It is a very useful feature as it provides you with an option to fix any kind of bugs that occur in your ML game so that you don’t have to wait for updates from the developers for the problem to be solved.

Battle Emotes Option

Battle emotes are a fun thing in the mobile legends. They are shown on the top of the character. But they are very limited and buying them costs a lot of money. So for that reason, this app includes many battles emotes that you can have without paying for them.

Drone View Hack

You can also get the drone view hack in the game with this app to get an added advantage. Here you will get a top-down view of the entire battlefield with too much zoom that can allow you to see what is happening on the battlefield in your enemies’ areas.  You will get this feature in Syeka Gaming as well.

What’s New?

  • Updated to the latest version V4
  • New skins and emotes are added.


If you wish to try out another amazing injection tool with multiple options for the mobile legends then considering the Altlove Gaming Injector is the best that you could do. Download this app now and explore all the amazing features it has for you.