Emote Injector ML

As you all know the all-time famous these days is the Mobile Legends game where you could have a team of 5 players and take them to exciting battles. So every game has 2 things, one is the gameplay and the other are the things that enhance these gameplays. So the Emote Injector ML is the tool that will allow you to have all of these enhancement items for free.

Emote Injector ML

Emote Injector ML

So what exactly is the Emote Injector ML Apk? So like every other injection tool I have told you about on my website previously, this app is no more different from them. It is the app that we use to hack different items of the Mobile Legends game.

What you do is that you install this app and there you will see different items that you would normally have in the game store but they are locked. So if you wish to have all of those items for free, then the best way to do is to download and use this tool.

This Emote Injector ML will give you some free-of-cost skins for all of your ML characters along with unlocking all the different characters of the game. Different emotes can also be acquired using the app as the name also suggests emotes, so yes you can have those cool emotes too.

Additional Information

Version V4.0
Size 6MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings` 4+
Updated on 30 November 2022
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



If you talk about the working of the Emote Injector ML then you should know that it is no different from any other injector that you had used in the past. You just click the inject button on the item to have it in your game.

Now what exactly this app offer other than the emotes is the drone view of the battlefield with an optical zoom of more than 4x. So it becomes very easy to have a broader look at the different places and different enemies at once during the battles.


Emote Injector ML Apk

Emote Injector ML Apk

The features of the Emote Injector ML are given in the below section.

Battle Emotes For Free

As the name suggests, the app is mainly based on providing you the best free-of-cost unlimited amount of emotes that you can use during the battles. These emote are a great way of interacting with the other players and enemies as they show the feeling of the characters. So you can as many you want.

Avatar Skins

There are different skins available in the game that enhance the appearance of the characters. So if you want them for free, you can install this app and there you will find free-of-cost skins for all of your favorite characters.

Unlock All Characters

You should know that this is a cheat tool and cheat tools offer a lot of things. This unlocking of all the characters at once is also one of them. Using the app you can easily unlock every other character in the mobile legends without spending any money or effort.

Drone View With Zoom

If you wish to win the battles more easily and have a competitive edge over the other players in the mobile legends, then the best thing you could do is to use this option. Here you will have a wider view of the entire battlefield that will allow you to examine all the actions of the opponents without them knowing. Drone View is also available in Altlove Gaming Injector


If you wish that you have different skins of different characters or wanted those premium-level characters, then you need to download this Emote Injector ML. It has other options as well that I have discussed above and it won’t hurt your game progress either. So download the app now and enjoy your MLBB game.