NIX Injector

Mobile Legends is a game that is going popular these days. It is due to the amount of fun it provides. There are tons of heroes with which you can play the game all having different costumes and skins. Moreover, the 5vs5 MOBA-style fights are also a reason behind the popularity of the game. The NIX Injector Apk is the cheat tool for this game.

NIX Injector

NIX Injector

So you might have played the mobile legends bang bang game. It is the famous action-packed game of today’s time. There are a lot of things that you can do in this game. Like having different characters, upgrading them with different skins, and using different attacks and actions in the battles. Producing different battle effects.

But not all of the things are free here in this game. Most of the items are high-priced in the game store. So for that reason, if you want such an app that can provide you with all of the premium items of the mobile legends bang bang for free then you should consider the NIX Injector Apk as your priority.

The NIX Injector app is for all those people who are tired of the restrictions on the real game. This is due to the reason that it provides free-of-cost premium items for you. If you wish to have the ML skins then you can have them in the NIX Injector Apk.

Talking about the skins then, it supports all the skins of all the characters. Let me break down the number of skins for you. For your Marksman, you will get around more than 78 different types of skins. For the Assassin, you have 67 different sorts of skins.

If you ask about the Fighter then the number of skins of the fighter is 88 which the NIX Injector Apk provides. The mage has 86 different skins, Support has 32, and Tank has 62 different skins respectively.

Additional Information

Version v1.68 (New Update)
Size 8.6 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2023
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



To work with the NIX Injector Apk you don’t have to be a genius. You can easily operate this app. All you would be doing is clicking on the item that you want and after that simply inject it into your game.

As for the skins I have discussed above what sorts of skins you can get here with this app? But as the app is a cheat tool so you have more to look out for here in this app.

For instance, you can get free unlocked maps. Yes, different customized maps can be used. Moreover, if you wish to have a competitive edge over other players, then the best way to do this is to observe their actions so that you can predict their next move and be prepared for that.

So to do this thing you can easily get a drone view of the entire battlefield. This drone view cheat can help you get a zoom of 2x, to 10x making you a keen observer of your enemies’ actions and plans.

Different types of emotes and battle effects can also be acquired using the NIX Injector Apk. So you must be wondering why use these extra items. Then the only reason here is that these small extra things make you look like a pro player in the game who has all the perks.

This thing gives you a psychological advantage over others as other players think that you have all of the game items so you must be a very pro player of the mobile legends bang bang.


NIX Injector Apk

NIX Injector Apk

If you wish to know more information about any kind of app or game, the best thing to do is to read its features. So for your ease, I am going to list down some of the best features of the NIX Injector Apk in the below text.

Unlock Character Skins

The game has a lot of different characters. Each has unique properties of its own. Skin is also a unique property of a character in the ML game. And most of the cool skins are locked and are premium in the game.

So if you wish to have them for free, the NIX Injector app can help you. It has more than 400 different types of skins for all of your characters. If I break down this number then you will be getting 62 different skins for the tank, 79 and 67 for the Fighter, and the Assassin. The skins of the fighter are 88 and mages and support have 86 and 32 skins respectively. Nix has more skins than any other injectors like Emote Injector and Dl Gaming Injector, etc.

Unlock Battle Effects

You can easily get battle effects in the game that will make you look cool using this application. These effects include different types of recalls, Different effects for the kill notification, different cool effects for elimination, etc.

Get Recall Effects

Recall effects are very limited in the game. To get more you need to spend some money. But with the NIX Injector app, you can get as many as 12 different Recall effects. These will include M1 Glory, Christmas, glory, and much more.

Get Battle Respawn Effects

You can get some cool respawn effects like Decent, M1 evos, and other 10 cool effects using the NIX Injector Apk. Keep in mind that all of these effects are paid in the game that the app provides you free of cost.

Drone View Access

To gain some extra bit of advantage over your opponents what you can do is you can easily get access to a drone view having a zoom of more than 6x. This will make you a wider glance over your opponents and their activities. The drone view works with all the maps including the celestial and the western maps. Drone View is also available in Recall Injector and Imoba Injector.

Unlock All The Maps

Similarly using the NIX Injector you can easily unlock and use all the maps in the game of mobile legends. These maps include Imperial Sanctuary, Western Place, Celestial Palace, Magic Chess, etc.

Battle Emotes

To show the emotions of the characters to the other players, emotes are used. Using this app you can get more than 10 different types of emotes including the I am Scary, RRQ Hosh, etc.

ML Backgrounds Hack

Using the NIX Injector Apk you can easily get all of the backgrounds for the loading screen, profile borders, and most importantly the lobby screen. These backgrounds will be of the game places.

What’s New?

  •  Unlock 29 Emotes
  • 8 Analogs
  • 10 Map Views
  • Updated to the latest version.


If you wish to play the Mobile legends game without any restrictions, then the best way to do is to use a hack tool. And there is no better hack tool than the NIX Injector Apk. So download the app now and unlock all of the premium game items for free.