Death Patcher

There is a reason behind why people look for hack tools for their ML game. This is due to the increasing popularity of the MLBB. Every player of the MLBB wants to have all of the cool items of the game but doesn’t want to spend money, thus they shift to these hack tools. Today I am here with another amazing app in the form of the Death Patcher.

Death Patcher

Death Patcher

The Death Patcher Apk is not more different from the other hack tools that we have discussed before. But to give you a lot of options to choose from, we are going to cover this app also today.

So the tool is a third-party hack tool used to unlock all the different types of game items for free. Now as you know that all of the skins of all the heroes and all of the different effects that you see in the ML game store are all unlocked.

Either you need a very heavy amount of game coins and gems to unlock and use them or you need real money. But with the Death Patcher, you won’t need to worry about them both.

As the Death Patcher is here to unlock all of your skins, effects, backgrounds, and cheats for you, and that too for free.

Additional Information

Version V6.7
Size 9.5 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2023
Category Injector
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



The app is very simple to use. All of them have been divided into groups for you to use. You can unlock every skin for every character from various categories like tank, marksman, mage, fighter, assassin, support, etc.

Moreover, the application uses advanced technology and a VPN to ensure that the people using it won’t land into the problem of having their accounts banned by game developers.

So you can use this application without any sort of tension and you will be able to unlock every skin for your ML game.


Death Patcher Apk

Death Patcher Apk

Features are what make an app famous. So to know more about the features of the Death Patcher, infer the section below.

Anti-Ban Feature

This application uses an anti-ban technology. It injects the items into the storage files of your game and likewise, it uses a VPN to make sure that your account is not compromised when you are using this application for any reason.

Different Skin Options

Death Patcher

Death Patcher

Skins in the mobile legends make your character look good and nice during the battles. It also enhances the fighting capability of your hero. So to make sure you get all of these perks, this app unlocks them all for you for free.

Let’s see what type of skins you get with this app.

Marksman Skins

Marksman is a hero category in the Mobile legends game. It is loved by many people and many people use it as their main hero. So for the lovers of the marksman, we have up to 49 different cool skins that you can unlock using this app.

Fighter Skins

For the people who love to play as a fighter and use the heroes under this category, then we have 51 different types of skins for you people as well that you can unlock and use inside your game.

Assassin Skins

Here the amount of skins that the players who play with assassins can get is 52. Yes, 52 different skins for different heroes are available for you.

Mage Skins

Skins that people get for the mage using this app are 24 in number. You can easily unlock them and use them in your game with your heroes.

Tank And Support Skins

If you are a player who wants skins for the supports and tanks then for these kinds of heroes we have 26 and 24 different sorts of skins respectively.

What’s New?

  • Marksman: 49 Skins
  • Fighter: 51 Skins
  • Assassin: 52 Skin


So this is a pure skins patcher app that can give you all of the above skins for free. So if you wish to get them all, then surely download this Death Patcher app. Here you will get some amazing skins free of cost.  Enjoy more injectors from mobapks free like Papskie injector and Anime Injector, etc.