Papskie Injector

Mobile Legends is a game that has taken the internet by storm. There is hardly a person who doesn’t know about this awesome game. There are skins, effects, thrilling fights different amazing heroes in this game. But do you know that all of these items are not free to use? So for that reason, we have brought you a Papskie Injector that will help you in your ML game.

Papskie Injector

Papskie Injector

The Papskie Injector is a tool that works with your ML game. It has the capability of unlocking all the game items. These game items include skins of different characters. Yes if you have played ML games you would know that acquiring some cool and pro-level skins is not easy. And if you have one, your hero fighting power is also increased.

Next on the list of the items unlocked by this app is the effects in different scenarios. Meaning you can have different effects like recall, spawn, elimination attack, etc for free. These are a bonus that makes the gameplay interesting.

ML has cool features in it that you can see while you are battling. This feature is called the emotes. Emotes in short is a way of conversation that one uses to convey their hero’s emotions to the other players. So luckily this Papskie Injector unlocks all of the emotes available in the game.

Additional Information

Version V17.0
Size 22 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 11 May 2022
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store  Not available



The app is not all about providing the game items for free that are paid and locked in the ML game store. Rather it also provides you with some cool hacks and cheats. These cheats help you inside the game while you are fighting with your opponents.

As this is a multiplayer game with a 5 vs 5 playing option, so to make your strategy you need to observe the actions of your opponents. So for that reason, we have here a drone view of up to 10x that can help you in this regard.


Papskie Injector Apk

Papskie Injector Apk

The features of the Papskie Injector have been discussed in the below section in detail.

ML Skins

Skins are great. They not only give your character a nice and cool look, but they also give your character extra combat fighting skills. So here in this app, you will not only get all of your skins for tanks, marksmen, fighters, mages, etc but also there are some custom skins for you that you can use. Batter skins in Anime Injector.

Drone View Cheats

Knowing what your enemy is doing and what are his plans is an extra advantage. So this advantage inside the ML game can be gained in the form of the drone view provided by this tool. So if you want to gain an extra advantage of the drone view with a zoom of up to 10x then download this app.


There are different places outside the battles like the lobby and other menu screens that can be decorated with cool backgrounds. Using this app you can easily get some of the cool custom-made backgrounds to use on your menu screens.

Battle Effects Unlocked

Using the application you can easily unlock one of the very cool effects of the game. These effects are of very important as they give you interesting gameplay and other benefits. These effects include custom analog, battle attack effects, battle animation effects, intros, recalls, spawns, etc.

Emotes Hack

Unlocking emotes can give you access to one of the very cool emotes of the game. These emotes can be used to convey the feeling of your character to the other players and you can easily communicate and convey your message to them.


Let’s get to the point. The Papskie Injector is one of the very cool hack tools that you can get for the ML game. Its UI is designed in a way that any newbie can also work with it. Everything has been organized and it is very easy t use. So download it now and enjoy your ML game. Try more injectors like Nc, Nix, and worst Injector free from

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