Anime Injector ML

Once you start playing the Mobile Legends Bang Bang there is no coming back. You get addicted to this effortlessly amazing game. But one thing that is a hurdle for most of the players is the lack of money or gems to buy the premium resources. Thus for that reason, I bring you an amazing hack tool in the form of the Anime Injector ML.

Anime Injector ML

Anime Injector ML

This Anime Injector ML app is a third-party external hack tool for your Mobile legends game using which you can unlock many premium items if the store as well as gets some amazing cheats for your game.

The items for which most of the players use these kinds of apps are the skins of different characters. So using this app you can easily not only unlock all of the beautiful skins of different heroes but also acquire them inside the game.

Talking about the other thing that you get with this Anime Injector ML is the background. Yes, you can get different custom backgrounds for your ML game. These custom backgrounds can be used in the lobby and other menu screens. The emotes used for conveying the emotions of the characters are also available and every emote can be unlocked using this app.

Additional Information

Version v1.58
Size 7.6MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2023
Category  Injector
Get it on the Play Store Not available



After downloading the Anime Injector ML you will be free of tension as you will get all of the cheats and hacks for the ML game to give you an unfair advantage in the battles. This allows you to become one of the pro players of the game.

Using the Anime Injector ML you will get different customized anime skins as well. So if you are an anime lover, this app is going to be for you. Emotes for the battles, elimination effects, spawn, and recall affects all can be unlocked and acquired using this app.


The features of the Anime Injector ML are given below.

Unlock The Skins

Here using this Anime injector you can easily unlock all of your skins for all of your favorite characters. Different skins of Mages, marksmen, fighters, and assassins are all available and you can easily acquire them.

Anime Skins Available

For the fans, of anime, you will get different sorts of customized anime skins. It has a library of cool anime skins. So if you wish to have your anime skins you can download this app.

Battle Emotes Hack

Battle emotes are the items that are used to convey your emotion to the other characters and communicate with them. So if you want some cool emotes that you can use during the battles, there is no other app that provides the best emotes than this one.

Recall Effects

If you want different recall effects during your fights but don’t have enough money to buy them, don’t worry and download this app. Using it you will easily be able to unlock all of the recall effects available for the game.

Drone Hack

Drone hack is what helps you in making the best strategies by knowing the location of your opponents. Using this app you can easily get a 2 to 8X zoom on your drone view. This kind of zoom helps you closely monitor the enemy’s activities and positions.

Screen Fit

This hack will fit your game screen to the size of your mobile screen for a better visual experience.


So if you want to become a pro player of the ML game and don’t want to spend any money on it, then try using the Anime Injector ML. It has some cool cheats and hacks for your ML game along with many customized skins.