Mazzrenn Injector

Mazzrenn injector is a cheat tool for the Mobile legends bang bang. Now if you are a regular player of the MLBB then you would know that these tools are used by the players to get all of the game items for free. They are hack tools that not only provide you with free premium items but help you win the battles.

Mazzrenn Injector

Mazzrenn Injector

Now if you are someone who plays the MLBB on daily basis then you would know that there are many heroes to choose from and each hero has many skins. These skins are not merely decorative items for the heroes but also enhance how a hero fights.

The bad news is that these skins have a price, either in the form of the game skins and XP or real money. Luckily, this app can give you all of these skins for free without having you spend any money on them.

Moreover, if you want to win the battles more then you can use the drone view hack of the Mazzrenn injector Apk. In this hack, you will get a zoom of over 7x that will help you observe all the actions of your enemies.

Additional Information

Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 30 November 2022
Category Injector
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You can download the Mazzrenn injector from our website and get all of the exciting items of the game for free. After downloading the app you will see that it has all of the skins for your major characters and heroes along with the multiple backgrounds for the lobby and the loading screens.

A drone view of the app will help you have a wider look at the map. And with the zoom options, you can keenly observe and analyze every activity of your opponents. You can look who is coming to attack you and what are they planning all with this Mazzrenn injector.


Mazzrenn Injector Apk

Mazzrenn Injector Apk

The features of the Mazzrenn injector Apk have been discussed in the below section.

Drone View Hack



As I have discussed in the above section what and why the drone view is helpful and used. Now here I will tell you what drone view options you will get with this app.

You can get a 2x drone view. It is the minimum zoom range. The maximum drone view that you will have is 9x zoom o the drone.

Battle Emotes Unlock

Different battle emotes are there for you to try out so that you can convey the emotions of your character through them. The different emotes for your heroes will be.

  • GUINEVERE, etc.

Game Backgrounds

You will get some customized backgrounds to use in your lobby as well as the loading screens. These are N.A.Y and NOT NOT along with many other customized options for you to explore.

Different Customized Maps

You can play the game on as many as 19 different maps. The map options are Wood Forest, Zodiac, Doraemon, etc. You will all of them unlocked and ready to be used in the game.

Spawn Effects

Different spawn effects are available to you when you will use this app. You don’t have to pay for any one of them. These are

  • EVOS
  • M1
  • MSC
  • Backup Original

Hero Skins

Skins are for what people use this kind of app like this one. They give you full access to all of the premium skins to you. So in this app, you will get tons of skins for free.

Skins for the heroes like the MIYA, BALMOND, SABER, MOSKOV, JOHNSON, CYCLOPS, KAJA, SELENA, etc are available for you along with 100 plus other hero skins.

What’s New?

  • 9 Upcoming Skins
  • Subscribe For Request
  • Updated to the latest version 1.47


The Mazzrenn injector has been designed to facilitate you in every stage of the game. From owning some top-class character skins to having a 9x drone view zoom, you get it all. It is a perfect app for your MLBB. So download the tool now and enjoy. Try some more injector apps like Altlove Gaming Injector and Nix Injector, etc.