Purple Sky Injector

 Mobile Legends Bang bang is giving tough competition to all of its competitors with over 100 million-plus downloads and active users. This Purple Sky Injector is an external cheat and hack tool for this game where you can have all of the game items for free to use in your game.

Purple Sky Injector

Purple Sky Injector

The Purple Sky Injector lets you enjoy all the perks of the game. It has all of the options of unlocking and owning all of the skins of every character with an option to get free-of-cost battle effects. You can also have different recall effects for free.

When you play the game you will notice that on the lobby screen you have a background that looks cool. But do you know that this background can be changed according to your own will?

With the background change tool of the Purple Sky Injector, you can use the locations of the map as your lobby backgrounds, etc. The frame of the background is also changeable and if you use the frames of this app, people will think that you have a higher rank in the game because you have a distinct profile picture frame.

Additional Information

Version v1.23
Size 8.4 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 30 November 2022
Category Injector
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All you need to know is which effect or which skin you want in your mobile legends bang bang as operating this app is easy due to its well-designed UI. The Purple Sky Injector has all of the store items that you get just by clicking the get or inject button corresponding to every item.

This injector helps you increase your rank. You can have 50 percent auto-win chances cheat or you can have 75 percent team pro options in the rank boost during the battles. You can also make the enemy lag up to 25 percent to get ahead of them in the battle.


Purple Sky Injector Apk

Purple Sky Injector Apk

The features of the Purple Sky Injector are given in the below section.

All Skins Unlocked

If you wish t have skins for all of your favorite categories like tank, marksman, mage, fighter, etc, you can get all of them for free using this app. There are 20 plus tank hero skins, 32 plus skins are available under the marksman category, etc.

Battle Effects Unlocked

Purple Sky

Purple Sky

There are different effects battles that one can enjoy during the battles. You can have multiple recall effects. There are also many elimination effects available for you. When someone will be eliminated, you can change the type of animation and effect of that character’s elimination using this app. More battle effects than Gusion Injector.

Battle Emotes Unlocked

Emotes in the game will be used to deliver the emotions of the character hero to the other players. It appears on the top of the head of each hero. You can get a lot of premium emotes for battles using this app.

Rank Booster

This feature is helpful for all of the newbies. This will help each character increase their rank in the game during the battles. If you use the auto-win option along with this injector then the winning chances will increase up to 50 percent. More options under this rank booster are given below.

  • Auto Win 50%
  • Jungle Fast 30%
  • Damage Up 45%
  • Team Pro 75%
  • Enemy Lag 25%
  • Enemy Feeding 20%
  • Brutal Damage 30%
  • Hack Ping Enemy

Background Change

Changing your background is now easy with the Purple Sky Injector. You can get different backgrounds for your different screens. The lobby screen, the loading screen, the analog, and the profile picture border can all be customized under this option.

What’s New?

  • No password is required now
  • No root is required as well.
  • Minimal ads


This Purple Sky Injector is probably one of the few injector tools that give you a rank booster option along with the other perks of having free premium skins and background-changing options. So download it now and enjoy. Enjoy more injectors from Mobapks.com such as Ngulik Injector and Yasin Gaming, etc.