Ngulik ML Injector

Fan of Mobile Legends Right? Many gamers nowadays don’t wait too long to get the extra game items. Either they pay money to buy them or use the third part utility tools like the Ngulik ML Injector to get all of the premium game items for free.

Ngulik ML Injector

Ngulik ML Injector

The Ngulik ML Injector Apk is a utility hack tool for your MLBB game. Here as you know like every other injector hack tool, it also provides some amazing skins for all of your character classes like marksman, mage, fighter, assassin, and tank.

Owning a drone view is cool. But this app has a drone view that will override the stock drone view of your game. It provides a zoom angle of up to 7x meaning your visibility of the entire battlefield will be increased and you can closely see who is coming to attack you and from they are coming.

If you ever wished of changing the effects that your character produces while attacking or recalling, then you can now easily complete your wish by downloading and using the battle effects provided in this application.

Being able to have a custom frame for your profile picture is cool but it is a perk that is available only to pro players. But if you wish to have a higher-level profile picture frame, then don’t worry as the Ngulik ML Injector provides you with that option also.

Additional Information

Version 8.0
Size 14 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 30 November 2022
Category Injector
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



You can get all of the skins of the MLBB, drone views, effects, emotes, and background for free using this Ngulik ML Injector with just one click of a button. You won’t find this app in the play store.

Changing the backgrounds of your menu screen like the lobby screen etc is an option of this app. You can easily get anime backgrounds and battlefield locations as your background for the loading and menu screen.


Ngulik ML Injector Apk

Ngulik ML Injector Apk

The features of the Ngulik ML Injector are given in the below section.

Anti Ban Option

Using the Ngulik ML Injector hacks for your game won’t put your account in danger, unlike Worst Injector. You will not get a ban from the official game creators for using this app as it uses advanced anti-ban technology to ensure that its users don’t get into trouble while using the app.

Battle Effects

Battle effects like eliminations, recall attacks, etc are very cool and an integral part of a hero in the MLBB. People get bored while using the same effects over and over again. If you wish to try something new and that too without paying, then you can easily do that by installing and using the Ngulik ML Injector.

Menu Backgrounds

Different backgrounds are available here in this app. You can change your stock lobby and loading screen backgrounds to either your custom backgrounds, or anime backgrounds, or even use map locations as your menu screen backgrounds.

Skin Hack

Following are the different skins that you get with this app.


For an assassin, you can get the following skins.

  • Alucard Epic
  • Alucard Legend
  • Gusion Venom
  • Gusion Kof
  • Hayabusa Epic
  • Lancelot Epic
  • Lancelot Zodiac
  • Saber Regulator
  • Alucard Lighborn
  • Fanny Skylark
  • Fanny Lifeguard
  • Fanny Lighborn


For marksmen following skins are available.

  • Granger Lighborn
  • Bruno Epic
  • Claude Epic


The fighter has the following skins

  • Chou Kof
  • Badang Zodiac


The mage can give you these skin options

  • Harith Lighborn
  • Selena Epic


The tank has the following options for the skins.

  • Tgerial Lighborn
  • Franco Epic
  • Johnson Epic

Additional Features

Some additional features of the Ngulik ML Injector are

  • Effect Eliminasi
  • Background changing
  • Analog hack
  • Battle Emotes
  • Border fit
  • Drone View from 1.5X to 7X.
  • Drone Brawl.

What’s New

  • Updated to 8.0
  • Best drone view
  • New skins are added
  • No password is required.


Owing to the game and having full control over it is a dream of every ML player. This Ngulik ML Injector gives you that control and freedom without any cost. So a good deal breaker for you is here to download. Don’t wait and try it out with your ML game.