Mykkie Skin Injector

Any game that you play has some customization options apart from just the gameplay. These customization options mostly include different skins that can be used with the characters. The Mykkie Skin Injector is a skin injecting tool for the Mobile Legends game.

Mykkie Skin Injector

Mykkie Skin Injector

Now if you have played the mobile legends, you might know that there are different skins that you can use in this game. Isn’t that cool? As these skins enhance your gameplay experience and make you look stand out from the other players.

But the only drawback here is that these items are locked and can only be unlocked and used after paying some game gens and currency. And believe me, earning this currency while playing the game is very difficult and players find themselves in a situation where they have to pay real money to buy these things. Who doesn’t wants a cool skin for their character in their favorite game?

But now you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. As we are here to tell you about an app that can be used to get new skins free of cost. The Mykkie Skin Injector has all the skins that you need along with many new skins. Not only that you can also get some cheats on the game.

Additional Information

Version v2.33
Size 33 MB
Price Free
Updated on 15 April 2022
Ratings 4+
Required Android 4.4 and Up
Category Injectors
Password  MYKKIE


All you have to do is to download this Mykkie Skin Injector and after that, you can inject it into the game. When you will do this you will get added benefits of having some cool outfits and game skins that are premium and cost money.

You can also customize your maps with different things along with having a one-click drone view of the overall map. Recalls are very interesting in this injector as it allows you to bring back all of your killed mates and heroes and let them fight.


Mykkie Skin Injector

Mykkie Skin Injector

To know more about this Mykkie Skin Injector, see the features listed down below.

Visual Skins

Most of the cool skins are paid in the games and you have to pay real money to have them. Anyone who has these premium skins is considered a pro player as everyone thinks he has played the game too much. But now with this app, you can easily get all the paid skins for free.

Battle Emotes

To show your emotions and communicate with the other characters you use emotes in the Mobile legends. But these emote are not unlimited. With this injector, you can get unlimited emotes to show off your emotions in the game while fighting with the other characters.

Unlimited Recalls

Once your mates during the fights are killed they cant be back. So you have to fight without them in the game. This can make the game somewhat difficult. But don’t worry as this injector can be used to bring back your group mates from the dead using the recall option so that they can fight alongside you till the end.

Anti-Ban System

Using third-party cheats and injectors sometimes can bring you trouble and you will find yourself in a situation where your account can get a ban from the developers. So while using this app you don’t need to worry as it has a really intelligent and effective anti-ban system that prevents your account from getting a ban in the game.


If you require a helpfull app for your MLBB and ML game, then you are looking at the right app. After downloading the Mykkie Skin Injector, you can have all of the premium skins for free, along with the other cheats that can help you in winning the battles alongside your teammates.