Permanent Skin Injector

If you want to obtain an unmatched advantage over your opponents and leave them in amazement at your hero’s abilities, then prepare for a mind-blowing journey of empowerment and victory. With the Permanent Skin Injector in your arsenal, you will be able to claim victory as you rise to the peak of MLBB glory, standing head and shoulders above your competitors.

Application Overview

Permanent Skin Injector

Permanent Skin Injector

Consider an environment where heroes are transformed into masterpieces, whose appearance is a tribute to your style and vision. You hold the key to unlocking a treasure trove of skins, each one a stroke of brilliance with this app.

The Permanent Skin Injector is a special app for Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) users. It is a powerful app that enables players to gain a large range of skins for their heroes, improving their looks and personalizing their gaming experience.

Aside from earning skins, the app has a variety of features such as effect fights, drone view for a better viewpoint of the battlefield, free and newest tools, a solid user interface, ESP features for greater awareness and precision, rank booster powers to help you climb the rankings, and more.

Accept the opportunity to turn your heroes into legends by outfitting them in armor that symbolizes their real spirit. Every hero in your roster, from powerful Tanks to agile Assassins, could grow into a symbol of your identity.

Players can use this app to improve their game experience, stand out from the crowd, and unleash their full potential on the MLBB battlefield.

Additional Information

Latest Version v12.3
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 22 MB
Downloads 11000000+
Updated on 18 June 20233
Category Injectors
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Permanent Skin Injector Features

Permanent Skin Injector

Permanent Skin Injector

Let’s discuss some of the main features of this app.

Access All Skins

The Permanent Skin Injector allows you to access an extensive collection of skins for your favorite heroes. Say goodbye to limiting options and hello to a world of customization, where you may turn your heroes into fearsome champions that represent your flair.

Rank Booster

Use the special Rank Booster tool to climb the ranks. Unlock Auto Win, Jungle Fast, Damage Up, Team Pro, Enemy Lag, Enemy Feeding, Brutal Damage, Hack Ping Enemy, and more features to raise your rank and distinguish yourself as a formidable opponent.

ESP Characteristics

Use ESP characteristics to get a competitive advantage. Activate Gloowall, Antenna Head, Aim Lock, and other ESP capabilities to improve your battlefield awareness, accuracy, and overall effectiveness.

Multiple ML Equipment

Enhance your armory with a variety of ML equipment that will improve your gameplay. With these powerful upgrades, you’ll discover new ways to move around, surprise your opponents, and conquer the battlefield.

Effect Battle

Enhance your gameplay experience with improved effects for recall, emote, spawn, and elimination. Make an impression on the battlefield with wonderful shots that leave a lasting impression.


Customize your game experience by selecting from analog, border, map, intro landing, background, and lobby background choices. Make an environment that expresses your personality and deepens your absorption in the MLBB universe.

Drone View

Use the application’s drone view function to gain a strategic edge. You’ll have a better vision of the battlefield, allowing you to plan your actions, collaborate with colleagues, and outmaneuver your opponents. Depending on your tactical requirements, you may choose from a variety of lenses, including 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and more.


The Permanent Skin Injector is more than simply an app, it’s a gateway to a world where heroes overcome their limitations and legends are formed. It allows you to let your imagination run wild and construct your route on the MLBB battlefield. Accept the power, accept the possibilities, and make your destiny. The time has come to reveal your heroes’ real souls and become an icon in the ever-changing world of Mobile Legends Bang Bang.