Tivimate Premium

Everyone in this world owns a high-quality LED or any screen electronic device to watch drama, movies, and TV shows on it.

Every device provides its detailed and high-quality picture on the screen and all TV electronic devices are in turn are connected to an internet distributor.

Tivimate Premium Apk

Tivimate Premium Apk

One of the most popular technology to be connected with TV screens is IPTV, which stands for Internet Protocol Television. This technology lets you be connected with channels all around the world and will provide you free options to have.

But what if you want to connect IPTV with your android phone, for that you will need to have a middle mobile application for proper connection and Tivimate Premium Apk will be the best option for that purpose.

Additional Information

Name Tivimate
Version 3.5.10
Size 10 MB
Offered by AR Mobile Dev
Updated on 6 September 2023
Ratings 4+
Category TV Apps
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Tivimate Cracked

Tivimate Cracked


Tivimate Premium Apk will allow your android devices to be connected with your TV screen, and you will get all channels right over your phone device which you can have on your TV screens. You will have full control over your TV screen right from your phone’s screen.

It will allow you to get all channels throughout the world right over your phone’s device which is quite impressive as you are having mini television right in your pocket or on your palm in the form of your phone.


With IPTV, Tivimate Premium Apk will allow you to swipe among different channels with your finger, you will be able to change the channels and can customize the screen according to your own.

Select color and theme from the setting of this application and build your own mobile application’s interface. So being customizable is another best feature you can found using this application.

Easy Search

As this application will provide you free hand over enormous TV channels so search through the search bar for the TV show you want to watch.

The searching process is quite easy and efficient your searched result will be displayed over the screen within a few seconds from where you can scroll among different options and tap on the required result.

 Schedule Shows

As mentioned Tivimate Premium will turn your phone into mini Television. You will find many options to use and operate this application as it will provide you ease to schedule your show timings.

You Cn set a reminder for any of your favorite shows to watch it after in short, this application will provide you all those features that you can find on your LED screens.


This application allows users to turn their phones into mini televisions and carry them around the house wirelessly. Users will never be asked to have proper cables to have a connection with the internet.

You can watch TV dramas, TV shows, and movies from all corners of the house. So it’s quite convenient and comfortable to work on this application.

TV Guide

Also if you have no prior knowledge about the usage of this application, so can simply watch and read the TV guide right on your phone’s screen as it will provide you with complete knowledge of the usage.

Also if you are an IPTV user you can directly sync it with your phone, after reading the guide this will help you a lot for having full access to all the TV channels right from your phone.


No doubt it’s quite clear how this application will let you access all TV channels right from your phone. This application will no doubt convert your phone into a mini Television screen which you cause from anywhere from your house.