WhatsApp Blue

Unlike WhatsApp official, there are many other versions of WhatsApp developed by many developers so far. Every other version has its features and tools.

As far as WhatsApp Blue is concerned this application has more than 10 extra features than of the Official one. This application has increased the control of users over their WhatsApp accounts along with privacy.

Whatsapp Blue

Whatsapp Blue

You can keep track of your WhatsApp account in more detail in this version of Whatsapp Blue Plus and it will let you undo the messages you have just sent many times.

Additional Information

Released on 6 February 2023
Version 9.40
Size 39.64 MB
Ratings 4+
Total Downloads 10M
Price Free
Category Whatsapp
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To summarize all tools and features provided by WhatsApp Blue seem impossible but we have tried to mention every adopted and added feature below.

New Emoji

A huge library of emojis has been added to this application. You can use emojis or GIFS in messages and in posting something on status.

Themes and Colors

Changing the theme hasn’t been as easy as in blue WhatsApp. You can not only change the unique theme of every contact but you can also change the icon of the application. The changing of notification theme and color is also a feature of this application.

Airplane Mode

No one can bother you right after changing the settings. If you do not want to block someone but do not want any notification of calls from a specific contact. There is the feature of blocking calls only from specific contacts.

You can set internet limits not to disturb you while using WhatsApp blue. Even though your data is on your messages will not be delivered on your device.

Deleted Messages

This application has the feature of reading deleted messages from your contacts. You can now easily see the messages that the sender deleted at any time you want to.

Hide Media

There is the possibility of hiding pictures, videos from the gallery. This is the feature of WhatsApp that will automatically save the pictures and other data in the gallery but in this application, you can hide these features manually from the settings.

Hide Last Active

You can hide the date and time of your last seen. If you want to set the time of your last activity you can set it manually too. You can also hide last seen on Tm and Red Whatsapp.

Broadcast messaging hasn’t been as easy as that in this application. Broadcast your messages in chats and groups.

You can hide the messages from the main menu of WhatsApp. For that, you have to open the chat individual to read the messages.

New Fonts

Fonts update is one of its major updates. You will find 30 fonts in the library to work on.

Schedule Message

Schedule your messages any time. This will help you keep track of the scheduling of the messages. You will get the full record if someone will visit your profile when he was online.


This application has its encryption you can set the password of this application without installing the third-party application.

Full-Length Videos

Set your status time up to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Instead of a 16 MB video, you can send now a 30 MB video. Select up to 90 pictures and videos at a time instead of 10.

Photos and videos shared will be of high quality as compared to the rest of the versions. Send up to 100 MB sized sounds directly through your WhatsApp. You can send large files using Golden Whatsapp as well.

In the status of WhatsApp, you will be not limited to 150 characters. The size of the characters has been increased to 300 words.

Direct Copy

Download the status of your friend directly. Copy the message of your friend directly from WhatsApp. Forward the message to your friends without getting the forward icon on the top.

Copy and send messages to more than one message to your friends without getting the name of the sender.

Group Messages

Group messages will be discriminant according to the role. Group admins will have the Group admin tag whenever they will send any message. As a group admin, he can control group settings and not everyone in the group can do so.

If you have sent the wrong message to many recipients you can delete it at once as a whole rather than doing it separately.

Group messages counter will be available. Where you can count how many messages have been sent in this group by any user.

In group messages, you can see the name of the sender with @ sign although that sender is not in your contact list. Exclusively you can check the description of any contact or group inside the chat.

Media Preview

Preview every media before downloading it. It will let you watch the content if you like that so surely you can download that otherwise skip downloading the media. Also, Message filtration can be easily applied in group messages.


Whenever your friend will change his profile photo you will get a notification. The same will happen when he will update his status.

Online/Offline Mode

Set your online offline status and ticks of your own choice. Set ticks, dots, or emoji characters for your message delivery and received status.

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Our verdict about this application is very simple if you want exclusively new features of WhatsApp then you can surely download this application without any security concerns.

This application is a huge bundle of many features and tools which you cannot get in official ones.


Q: Is WhatsApp Blue available on the Google play store?

No, this is not available on the Google play store.

Q: How can we download WhatsApp Blue?

You can simply install this by clicking on the link provided in the article.

Q: Is WhatsApp Blue safe to install and use?

Yesthis application is totally safe to install and use.

Q: Can we report on WhatsApp on any privacy issues?

No, you cannot. Because this application is not by the official WhatsApp developers. So anything that happened related to privacy will not be the responsibility of it.   Download Button Exists