Darkness Rises Mod

The Darkness Rises Mod APK is a perfect game for people who like hard-core RPG adventure and action games. The never-ending fights, the high-definition visuals, thrilling adventures, and a variety of customization options make this game the most loved game for smartphones. You will get unlimited money and gems with our mod.

Darkness Rises Mod APK

Darkness Rises Mod APK

You can role-play as your favorite heroes in the game. After that, you can start your journey in the game and train your heroes to their extreme strength. This will make you wreck different monsters easily. You can discover many barren and green lands and as well as fight with your enemies using your special powers.

The game begins as a group of Orcs has taken over the kingdom and darkness has risen. Now they kill innocent citizens every day and deaths are a regular thing. This is where you come in.

Your task in the Darkness Rises Mod APK is to fight with those evil creatures and save your kingdom. Your special powers and brave heart is not enough as those evil Orcs are in large quantity.

So for that reason, you need an army of heroes who can fight with them and eliminate them and defend your kingdom side by side. So go on an adventure and find the strongest heroes that can help you in this cause of saving the world from the darkness.

Additional Information

Size 103M
Current Version
Requires Android
4.4 and up
Rating 4+
Updated on 18 February 2022
Category Games
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The Darkness Rises Mod APK game begins as the dark powers start to take control of the earth. You have the job to eliminate them. For that reason, you have the option to select your playing character from a variety of different characters having different superpowers.

These characters will include, a wizard, warrior, berserker, and assassin. All of these heroes have different fighting styles and superpowers. You can customize and upgrade their abilities. You can also go on a story mode and as well as play a PVP one-on-one fight.


Darkness Rises Mod APK

Darkness Rises Mod APK

The features of the Darkness Rises Mod APK are given below.

Create Your Character

The game starts with selecting your character just like Game of Khans. Now the best part here is that you can fully customize your character. You can choose how your character will look. What will be its body shape and size and what sort of dressing it will have.

Different Super Heroes

There are all sorts of different types of heroes with different abilities. You can either choose a warrior who is an expert in fighting and sword skills or a wizard who can cast magic spells and attack from a distance. A berserker is a beast who fights with an ax. He can stop the enemies for some time while your other heroes do some damage. An assassin has its secret powers and it can fight and stay anonymous at the same time.

Boss Fights

Another best feature of the game is that you can take part in different boss fights. This is where you will be fighting against the bosses of those monsters who are very tough to beat. So you just need a proper strategy and fighting skills to beat them.

Discover Different Character Stories

When you chose a specific character, you then will be playing along with his storyline. So it becomes interesting when after time his life events are presented in front of you in a form of a story and you can connect to the character in a better way.

Capture Beasts

In the game, you can capture different beasts with your super abilities. These beasts can be then used in the fight against the dark forces. They have super strength so capture each one of them.


A great game for the ones who like to feel and experience a real adventure and thrill in a game. The Darkness Rises Mod APK has a lot of features and high-definition graphics with close-to-real game mechanics. So download the game now and enjoy playing.