Pickup Mod

If you are here today then you must be looking for the Pickup Mod Apk. So if you were looking for this game then you are at the right place as today we will provide you with all the details about this amazing simulation game with a modified version of it ready to be downloaded.

Game Overview

Pickup Mod Apk

Pickup Mod Apk

Who does not wants a great old vintage car in their garage? Every car enthusiast wants an old car to add to their collection. Keeping this thing in mind, the developers of this game have made this game.

In this game, you are the owner of an old pickup car from the era of the 1960s. But due to being very old, the car is not in a good condition. It has rust on it and it is in a very devastating position.

You have to work on your car and reassemble it at the start. Just replace the damaged parts and paint the car with your favorite color. Once you do this you can take the car to the road.

Pickups are not merely a source to fill up your driving hunger. But they are also a source for you to earn money. So the same concept will be followed in this game where you will be doing plenty of missions and the missions will reward you with a lot of money.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 36 MB
Updated on 11 December 2022
Category Games
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Pickup Gameplay



I have told you about the plot of the game in the above section and if that does not fascinates you then the uniquely designed graphics of this game will surely build your interest in it.

So the Pickup Mod Apk is going to be a mission-based game where your primary objective is to earn money so that you can reinvest it in your car. For this reason, you have to do all sorts of missions.

You can either do the delivery missions or also use your car for transportation purposes. Upon the successful completion of your mission, you will be rewarded with money that you can use to buy new parts for your car and improve its performance and overall look.

Pickup Features



Below are some of the features of the Pickup Mod Apk that you don’t want to miss out on. So read the below section and know about them in detail.

Reassemble Your Car

As the game begins you will see a nice pickup truck in your garage that is not in prime condition. It is rusty and it is damaged. First, you have to make it look good and replace all the damaged parts to make it run on the road.

A 1960s Pickup

If you are a fan of vintage cars then this game will satisfy your urge to own an old car. This game brings you old vintage pickups primarily from the 1960s. You have to repair it and use it to do various missions.

Complete The Missions

Being a mission-based game this game brings a lot of missions related to driving and transportation. You can do many different types of missions. The majority of missions are related to delivering goods and some will be related to other tasks of transportation. So get ready for this challenge.

Amazing Designs

From the pickup truck designs to overall environment designs, this game brings eye-catching graphics to the players. So download the game and enjoy driving your vintage pickup.


You just need to hit that download button to get the car of your dreams. This amazing game of driving simulation will make you addict to it. So what are you waiting for, hit that download button and enjoy playing the Pickup Mod Apk with extra free unlocked items.