Kaneki ML Injector

The ML is a Brawl-styled fighting game where there are 5 vs 5 battles going on. But today here I am not going to talk about the game. As any one of you that came here today must know about the game. I reckon you are here because you want to know about the Kaneki ML Injector Apk.

Let me tell you about a fact that the customization options available in the games are somewhat cool and we all want to try them out. Now some people are pros in the games and they play the game very well collecting all the resources and unlocking these items.

And some people have a lot of money and they buy these things out. If you are none of those then today’s app is for you. This Kaneki ML Injector is a third-party external app that lets you have all the MLBB skins and cheats for free.

Enhancing your gameplay is the priority of this app. You can have the most expensive and most advanced skins for your players, your tanks, and your equipment just for free after downloading this Kaneki ML Injector and injecting it into your MLBB game.

Additional Information

Version v1.42
Size 9.8 MB
Installs 10,000+
Required Android 4.4 and Up
Ratings 4+ and Up
Updated on 16 April 2022
Category Injectors
Password Walker



This Kaneki ML Injector is for the people who want to take a shortcut. If you are one of those, then you must try this app if you play the MLBB. Here you will be getting all of the premium skins of the MLBB for your characters, tanks, weapons, and maps for free.

Moreover, it also assists you in your gameplay by allowing you to have different cheats. You can use different emotes in the game and change the drone view with just one click of a button. Customizing your lobby with some cool and premium backgrounds is also possible in this app.


Kaneki ML Injector

Kaneki ML Injector

If you want to know more about this Kaneki ML Injector, then you should have a look at the features discussed below.


You don’t have to have a rooted device if you want to use this injector. It works fine and well with all the un-rooted devices. You can easily access all of the premium features of the game for free.

Recall Effects

When you recall your dead companion to the fight in the MLBB game, it produces some cool effects. When you will use this injector with your MLBB game, these recalls will get even better and you will get some cool and premium effects.

Unlimited Recalls

Recalls are very important in the MLBB game. You can bring back your players to join you in the fights. But they are limited. So after using this injector these recalls will get unlimited and you can recall any one of your gone players back to the battle.

Border Matching

This injector also does border matching. Now, what is border matching? It simply matches the game’s border to the screen of your phone to give you a full view of the entire game map.

Backgrounds Unlock

All of the lobby backgrounds that were previously locked in the real MLBB game can now be accessed with this Kaneki ML Injector. You can have any background in the lobby you want.


The most important and in-demand feature of this Kaneki ML Injector is the skins. It gives you unlimited premium skins for your character, map, weapons, vehicles, etc for free so you can look cool and stand out while you are on the battlefield or in the lobby.


This Kaneki ML Injector is another cool injector for the MLBB game if you want to try it out. It has some cool features that you can have for free on your un-rooted mobile phones. So don’t wait and download it now.