Wavelet Mod

If you are a music lover and want to listen to your sounds with the highest quality through headphones then this Wavelet Mod Apk is the best application that you need to try. This application enhances the audio quality and equalizes it to get the most out of any sound that a headphone can deliver.

Wavelet Mod Apk

Wavelet Mod Apk

The application has a feature that can equalize your sound automatically so that you get the best sound quality while listening to anything through your earphones. This automatic equalization works best for the people who just want to listen to the music of good quality.

Apart from that the application also has a professional studio of its own where you can manually play with the 9 band equalization options. There you can customize your sound according to you and you can eliminate any frequency that seems annoying or is disturbing your ears.

Most music lovers love to listen to things that have good bass. Some of the sounds don’t have good bass and some have. With this application, you can simply get the most bass out of any sound automatically. You just have to set some parameters in the Wavelet Mod Apk to be able to extract more quality bass.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
9 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 13 March 2022
Category Music
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This Wavelet Mod Apk is an application that will enhance and customize your sounds to extract the best quality out of them so that you get the most out of your music. There are tons of sound-enhancing options for this application.

You can adjust everything from bass to equalization to the reverberation of your sounds in this app. All you need to do is to play the song in the app and set the parameters. Now it is up to you whether you want to do all of the things manually, or you want the app to handle things for you automatically.


Wavelet Mod Apk

Wavelet Mod Apk

The features of the Wavelet Mod Apk are given below.

9 Band Graphic Equalization Option

This application has a 9 band equalizer that can enhance your sounds and fill up all the missing frequencies to compensate for your sounds. Apart from enhancing the frequencies you can also look for the annoying frequency spikes and make the sound more enjoyable.

Bass Booster

Bass is also a feature of sounds that make them more appealing. In this application, you can enhance your sound bass by adjusting some parameters. The application can enhance the bass automatically too. But if you want more control, you can also do it manually.

Channel Balance

The Wavelet app can also balance the right and left channels of your sounds for you so that you can enjoy them in good quality.


The application has a virtualization option where you can add spatial effects to your music. This feature can show you the best repercussions that are hidden in your sounds.

Auto EQ Feature

Another feature of the application is the automatic equalization option where it automatically equalizes your sounds to extract the highest quality that is present in them.

Limit Option

There are some peaks in the sounds both low and high that make music sound bad or unappealing. With this limiter feature, you can control those peaks in your sounds.


Everyone wants to listen to high-quality music. So this Wavelet Mod Apk provides you with the best options that can enhance your music quality in many ways. All of these options are both automatic and manual. So if you are a professional and know things, you can set the options manually and have full control, and if you are an amateur you can make use of the automatic option.