Cubasis 3

The process of making the songs is very complex and there is a need and use of different mixing and editing sound software. This kind of software was very complex and heavy and ran on PCs. But the Cubasis 3 Apk is an app that you can download on your mobile phone and edit your songs on the go.

Cubasis 3 Apk

Cubasis 3 Apk

The Cubasis 3 is an amazing app in which you can record your sounds and edit them. Composing music was never this much easier before. This app gives you up to 4 audio and MIDI tracks. The application also provides MIDI hardware support to its users.

The app has micro sonic-based 25 different instrument sounds that are comprised of HAlion Sonic and Allen Morgan drum kits for its users. You can also make use of the audio and MEDI demo loops that this app has.

The application has a virtual keyboard and note repeat control for the music composers so that they can make the most use out of this application and create their sounds on the go.

The possibilities of this Cubasis 3 Apk are endless. It is a mini studio in your pocket. Where you can record, equalize edit your sounds without learning too much as this app is user-friendly.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
8.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 15 March 2022
Category Music
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The Cubasis 3 Apk has a 32-bit floating-point audio engine so that you can effectively create your sounds. You have the option of mixers having processors with 6 effects. There are different master plugins all of them having great effects.

You also get a fully automatic DJ plugin. When you are done with creating the sounds you can easily export them to Cubebase, Google drive, external hard drives, etc. You can also group your different tracks so that applying the effects on all of them at once can become easier.




There are a lot of different features of the Cubasis 3 Apk. I will be discussing some of them below.

Precise Editing

In this app, you can precisely edit any sound with the help of the zoom option. Zooming the cracks both horizontally and vertically makes it possible to edit each part of the sound with more precision.

Micro Sonic Tools

You will have the option of using over 27 different micro sonic tools all of them having different sounds in this app.

Virtual Keyboard

The application has a virtual keyboard that you can use. This keyboard has the note repeat option too which is a must-have for the song editors and music makers.


If you don’t want to edit your sounds from scratch there are also different pro-grade presets and effects that you can use and apply to your sounds. This thing saves time and allows you to focus on other details.

Grouping The Cracks

Applying the same effect of each crack is difficult and time-consuming. So to handle this problem you can group all of your cracks that you want the effects to be applied on and after doing this you can simply apply the same effect on the grouped cracks with one click.

Hardware Support

The Cubasis 3 also provides audio and MIDI external hardware support to its users. So using hardware with this app is not a difficult task now.


If you want to create music and don’t have access to high-end software and don’t have a studio of your own, then don’t worry as you can do all of this and more just like any other high-end music composing software with this Cubasis 3 Apk. So download the app now and start creating your sounds in a professional way.