Audiomack Premium

No doubt many of us are fond of listening to music but keeping huge music data is quite a tough task that you can face. Because keeping all of your favorite tracks over your phone can arise storage issues.

Audiomack Premium Apk

Audiomack Premium Apk

Audiomack premium Apk is the best alternative if you want to listen to music 24 hours a day. It works on the availability of the internet thus keeping track of online storage that will never arise any storage issue over your device.

Also, you will never be bound to any single type of music instead you can go for any music taste you would like to as per your mood.

Additional Information

Size 20 MB
Version 6.5.5
Updated on 13 February 2024
Price Free
Rating 4+
Version Latest
Category Music
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If you want to know about the features of this application before proceeding to install then for your easy some of the main highlights and features of Audiomack Premium are summarized below.

Online music

As mentioned this application works with the proper and stable internet connection only so overall tracks you will get from this application will be online. You can listen up to those tracks until and unless you have a proper internet connection.

Discover Music

Search for any of your required music. Search the name of the music or track. The resultant list will show all results with its different versions by the different artists will be shown up to you. These tracks

Discover Artist

Many popular artists got fame by recording and releasing cover versions of the music tracks. You can separately search for the name of the artist if you want to get the cover track instead of the official track.


If the track has the lyrics that are uploaded by the artists you watch lyrics streaming along with the track being played. This is in of the amazing feature. Because if you like any track you will not have to scroll for the lyrics over the internet instead you will get one from the same application.,


Create your playlist. This playlist will help you make the queue of your favorite tracks of all time. You can store and save your favorite track for later. You can name or rename your favorite playlist as per your choice at any time.

There is also no restriction over the number of tracks you want to save in the list. These tracks can be deleted later from the playlist individually.

Offline Mode

One of the most amazing features that you can find over this application is the storage of the tracks for later use. You can simply download any tack directly into the library of this application where you can listen to your favorite saved track whenever you want to.


If you are wondering who will upload these tons of tracks daily that the library of this Audiomack Premium Apk will be up to date. Every person and the user having the account over this application can be the artist itself. You can be too.

All you need to do is to create your account over this application where you can start uploading any of your favorite tracks along with the lyrics. If your highest number of downloads and the like you will be tanking with the specified track.


If you are really fond of music of all types you really need to try out this application at least once on our recommendation. If you will do so you will surely become addicted to this application and will never get rid of this.