KuKu Fm Mod

Audiobooks are a great way of learning books when you don’t want to read. You can simply listen to the text of any book while you are driving or you are in any sort of situation when you can’t read, you can listen to audiobooks. The KuKu Fm Mod Apk is an audiobook app whose detail I am going to share down below.

KuKu Fm Mod Apk

KuKu Fm Mod Apk

So if you are looking for an app where you can listen to audiobooks of your favorite book, then this KuKu FmPremium Mod Apk is the app to go for. It has a huge collection of books that you can listen to. From stories to education, you can listen to any sort of content.

In KuKu Fm you can listen to any sort of story in your free time in high-quality audio. There are tons of audiobooks on stories. Novels are also a great way to increase knowledge and learn things, so you can also easily listen to many novel audiobooks in this app.

If you are a lover or a regular listener of podcasts, you will get many information and entertainment podcasts in this app. The possibilities are endless of this KuKu Fm Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 10 March 2022
Category Music
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The working of the KuKu Fm Mod Apk is simple as it provides a great platform for audiobook listening Just Like Amazone Kindle. The app has tons of books and stories that you can listen to. There is a huge collection of educational books and lecture notes that you can also listen to.

Another amazing feature of this app is that you can simply listen to the summary of any book you want. As summaries are a great way of knowing what is in the app, you will get a lot of knowledge just by listening to the summaries.


KuKu Fm

KuKu Fm

Below I will be discussing the features of the KuKu Fm Mod Apk.

Audio Stories

If you love stories but don’t find free time now to read them due to your busy schedule, then you have a lot of story audiobooks in this app that you can listen to anywhere.

Audio Books

There are a lot of books available in this app in the audio for that you can listen to. No matter which category of book you like, whether it be a romantic novel or a crime thriller, you can simply search for it and listen to it anytime.

Listen To Book Summaries

When you want to know about a book and what it is about or what it contains, you can simply go through the summary of that book. Luckily this app contains a feature where you can get a lot of book summaries to listen to. Through that, you can get a lot of knowledge about whether the book is worth listening to for you or not.


Tons of podcasts are also there for you to listen to. You can simply play them anywhere you want. Podcasts are taken almost from every category. Simply stream them when you are on a long drive and enjoy them.

Audio Courses

If you are a student then don’t worry as a huge amount of audio courses are available on this app. Whether it be mathematics or physics or any other educational course this app has covered it for you.


Now if you want a great app that has all of the audio content that you can listen to, you need to download the KuKu Fm Mod Apk. It is a great app to listen to tons of audiobooks free of cost. You can also recommend it to your friends so that they can also get a lot of knowledge.