Storytel Mod

If you love to read books and novels then Storytel Mod Apk might be the best app for this purpose. Here you cannot only read the books as well as you can listen to the books, stories, and novels. Enjoy the premium version by downloading from for free.

Storytel Mod Apk

Storytel Mod Apk

With this application, you can read the books offline as well by downloading them. Later you can read them anytime anywhere without an internet connection. This is a quite nice feature provided by the Storytel app.

In this app, you can easily find any book and novel by searching. There is an option of searching available on the top of this app. You can search using Author, Book name, and other tags.

This app allows you to read books in 11 different languages. So now there is no language barrier in this application. Languages like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Bengali, etc.

Additional Information

13 February 2024
Varies with device
Current Version
Varies with device
Requires Android
Varies with device
Rating 4.2
Category Tools
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Storytel Premium Apk

Storytel Premium Apk

Switching Formats

If you are reading a book and suddenly you want to listen to this book then you can start listening to that particular book from the same point where you have left reading. This is a quite nice feature and it will not waste your time by finding the endpoint where you have left reading.

Adjust Speed

This is the same feature as provided by Audible that you can adjust the speed of listening to books. So if you want to quickly finish the book then you can increase the speed of the audio. But if you want to concentrate on the book then you can slow down the speed of audio to understand the book better.


This is the most loved feature that you can bookmark the book or paragraph. The benefit of a bookmark is when you left reading. Later you can find the book or content easily. Because you have saved the book in the bookmark section. This option is also provided by the Amazon Kindle as well.


As we know that the internet is not always available everywhere so we have to read things offline sometimes. Thus Storytel Mod Apk allows you to download the books and later you can read these books without an internet connection.


There is a huge list of categories that you can select. Moreover, you can search any category using the search option given at the top of the app. Here are some categories that are available on Storytel Mod Apk

  • Economy and Business
  • Fiction
  • Classics
  • Romance
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Biographies


Reading books is the habit of many people around the world. But now people don’t read books in a conventional way. Like going to libraries. Thus Storyhel has changed the way of reading and it makes the poeple much more productive than the conventional way.

Because this application has just removed the constraints like time, location, devices, and much more. Take your android device and start reading your favorite books and novels without doing any effort.