Xuxxu Last Fm

Are you a music lover and want to get the most personalized options about the music that you love without doing anything? Or do you want to know what you have been listening to and how much time to listen to the music? Any of these things is not possible with the Xuxxu Last Fm Apk.

Xuxxu Last Fm Apk

Xuxxu Last Fm Apk

The Xuxxu Last Fm acts as an audio scroller. It gets all the music from the different websites, platforms like Spotify, and different radio stations and then combine them and groups them into categories of genre and artist and then shows it on the user’s profile page.

Any music that you listen to is analyzed by this application and it stores the data in its database. Your listening history is recorded and your taste in different music genres is observed. Based on all this data, the application presents you with a detailed recommendation of different tracks that you might like.

Apart from the recommendation system and the app also gives you complete listening history and insights of the past 7 days in the form of graphs and charts. You can see what you have been listening to and track your songs and all the other music data.

Additional Information

Size 13MB
Required Android 4.4 and Up
Installs 10000+
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 March 2022
Category Music
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The Xuxxu Last Fm Apk is a data recorder and presenter. If you don’t what that means then I will explain it to you. So simple this application records the listening history of the user. You can listen to different songs on different platforms, different radio stations, etc, and this app at the back end observes all the things.

It acts as an outside part application. The data it records makes different graphs based on the activity that you view later on. You can see who you have been listening to the most on the app. Who is your most-listened-to artist or track? And what sort of taste you have developed. All of this information can be accessed by you in this application.


Xuxxu Last Fm

Xuxxu Last Fm

To give you more clarity about the application, I will be listing down the notable and useful features of the Xuxxu Last Fm Apk down below.

Listening Reports

When you listen to different things and this application is installed on your device, it records your every listening action and based on those it makes your profiles and generates listening reports for you, and presents them to you in a very nice UI.

See Who You Have Been Listening To

With this application, you can see who you have listening to the most. There will be different artists with different points on your screen that show how many times you have listened to a particular artist or sound in the past days.

Weekly And Yearly Stats

The statistics that you will get are both yearly and weekly. You can get the reports of the past 7 days as well as reports of the past one year. In-depth graphs and charts help you understand the reports more easily.

Personal Charts

Based on your listening history, your charts are developed on this application. The application gives you the best song recommendations for the future based on your history. So you don’t have to look for the songs by yourself, the app will smartly give you what you need.


The Xuxxu Last Fm Apk is a must-have application for you if you listen to too much audio. It will give you detailed reports on your listening history. Moreover, the smart recommendation system of the application is also very useful if you want personalized options. So don’t wait and download the application now.