Synthesia Mod

Today I am here with another new amazing application. But this time it is not a game nor it is a utility application. But the things and fun you can have with this application can not be described in words. And it will also save you a lot of money. The application that I am talking about is the Synthesia Mod Apk.

Synthesia Mod Apk

Synthesia Mod Apk

Have you ever heard of a piano? A cool musical instrument that produces awesome and mind-blowing sounds. I assume that all of you must have heard its name and most of you wanted to try out the piano by yourself.

The hard part here is that this piano does not come cheap. And if you have money and you have bought the piano, as a beginner you will face problems and difficulty playing it. As this instrument is hard to master.

The Synthesia Mod Apk is a simulation of the real-world piano, where you can enjoy the perks of playing the piano and also learn different tunes, and enhance your piano playing skills.

So this is a great skill if anyone wants to learn and you can easily learn different tunes that are present in the application. The application UI is also very engaging and a lot of sounds and songs are present for you to practice on.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 January 2022
Category Music
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This Synthesia Mod Apk is the best application for the people who are into music and want to try out playing different instruments, piano in special. The application provides a simulated version of piano on your touch screens with piano keys in black and white with an amazing 3d look.

The best part is that whenever you press a key on your screen, each key is associated with a specific note, and when you press it the sound of that note is generated. This arrangement of notes is per the real piano instrument.

If you had a piano and you didn’t know how to play that amazing instrument, this application will guide you through every note and you will master the skill of playing the piano. The application is also best for you if you can’t afford a piano but want to play it.

If you want to practice and play songs on the piano, the application has a huge collection of songs to offer. You can select your desired song from the menu and then you can press the keys mentioned there and play along. This is a great way to play different sorts of music in your free time.

When you have mastered the art of playing the piano, after that you can record and make your own tune by playing with different notes in the application. You can screen record your tune and can share it with your friends.




The features of the Synthesia Mod Apk are provided below.

Play Piano

The best feature of the application is that it allows you to play the piano by yourself without actually purchasing the piano. All the mechanics and the design is according to the real piano so the experience that you will get will be very much real.

Different Songs To Practice

For your assistance and ease, the application has a lot of different songs to practice upon. You can select the song you want to play and then the notes will be shown with the songs, you can hit the corresponding keys to those notes and in this way, the song tune will be played.

Create Your Own Tune

The application also allows you to create your own tune. You can experiment with different keys and notes and at the end, you can create an amazing album of your tunes.


If you want to play piano or want to practice your piano playing skills, then this Synthesia Mod Apk is the best application for you. You can download this modded version of the application in which a lot of different premium features are already unlocked.