Adobe Acrobat Pro

As everyone in this world needs to open documents on any day. It is difficult for one to every time carries his laptop or the PC if working on the important documents.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Apk

Adobe Acrobat Pro Apk

Because this is not a portable option for them to carry a high-end system to make their documents open whenever they need them.

To overcome this problem developers have developed one of the best applications to read the documents in pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Premium Mod Apk is no doubt the best application designed so far to read pdf documents.

This application is not only bound to the reading of the documents but it does deal with the variety of other options that make this application worth over high-end software.

To read and get knowledge about all of the features of this handy application you have to stay with us throughout the article as we have summarized all of the top features of this application.

Additional Information

Size 53 MB
Version V9.3
Total Downloads 50M+
Updated on 13 February 2024
Offered by Adobe
Released on

1 June 2020

Category Tools
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Read Documents

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

This application is designed to read the pdf format documents right on your phone’s screen. This small-sized application is dealing in a great way to read the documents in pdf format.

Dark Mode

Reading for so long on a mobile screen will surely irritate your eyes. But don’t worry Adobe Acrobat Pro Apk has come up with the solution of dark mode which will make you read your documents for a long time without irritating you and your eyes.

This feature is also helpful for nighttime views, as many users feel uncomfortable using their screens for reading.

Liquid Mode

Scrolling through multiple pages will be so smooth with the liquid Mode. As this mode is designed for long documents. This will let you scroll through multiple documents so quickly and efficiently and will be quite satisfying though.

Scroll View

The scroll view is available for those documents which have more than 1 page. Scroll view will let you scroll through multiple pages so quickly.

Edit Documents

You can not only edit the documents but can also edit them from your screen or phone. Edit Mode will let you search any point, word, or sentence from the long document.

If you are in a hassle and cannot find out the required topic from the document then instead of scrolling through the entire document search it from the search icon.

Also, Edit Mode will let you modify the document right from your phone screen so you will not be asked to install any other application to edit your pdf document.

Compress Document

Along with the reading and editing of the document you can also compress your large-sized file into a smaller size to share it through any other social media application.

Easy Sharing

As this application allows easy sharing all you have to do is to select the file through this application you want to share then click on the share, multiple options for sharing the documents will be available there for you.

Protect Document

Most of all there is one of the best features which you can consider as it’s security-wise. This application will allow you to protect your document with a password.

All you have to do is set your password from the security setting of your application, and right after that whenever you will share that document with your friend he will need that password that you have set before to view the content.

So in such a way, your documents will be protected through this application, and without having security concerns you can use this application for your documents.


With all of the mentioned top features, there is no need for our verdict about this Adobe Acrobat Pro Apk. But doing long story short we personally recommend you this pdf reader to not only read your file but it will help you protect your files too.