Airpin Pro

You might have heard about AirPlay/DLNA which was used to mirror smart phone’s screens over computers, laptops, android TV, android boxes, etc.

Airpin Pro Apk

Airpin Pro Apk

Airpin Pro Apk is the improved version of that, you can consider AirPlay/DLNA as the predecessor of this application.

If you are a business person and have to deliver your presentations every single day and you find it difficult to carry your laptop along with you to connect with the projector or on the smart TV.

You can do the same from your smartphone as well. All you need to do is to connect your phone using the Airpin application and make this application work as the screen mirroring.

This application will instantly start the mirroring of your phone’s screen right over the smart TV and whatever you will do over your smartphone each gesture will be picked up by the smart TV too.

Additional Information

Name Airpin
Size 38 MB
Ratings 4+
Version 5.2.3
Updated on 13 February 2024
Offered by WaxRain Tech
Category Tools
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Airpin Pro

Airpin Pro


Airpin Pro Apk allows you to connect screen mirroring of your phone with at least one and a maximum of 4 devices.


Also, this application supports screen mirroring for the devices with an early version of the android operating system.

Password Protection

This application is also supported with password protection that will make your stream secure with an authentic password.


The user interface you will find over this application is quite simple and user-friendly, so it will never ask you for any technical knowledge before its usage.

In short, this application provides the most basic interface that users who will be using this application will find out easy to be used.

Latest Updates

The developing team of this application provides the constant big fixing facility, so with the most updated feature, this application will run smoothly on any android device. And will provide the smooth screen mirror feature.

Background Feature



It will run in the background of the mobile device thus making the other application to be accessible. Although screen mirroring will let this application be run in the background but still if you haven’t connected your mobile device with any other you can make it be run in the background.

Gestures Detection

Once after the connection of this application with another device, each gesture will be detected smoothly. Like if you have swipe over the screen of your mobile device it will be detected and will be shown up upon the mirror screen at once.

Photo Streaming

Once after playing the slide show over your phone, it will be directly shown up on the mirrored device in the form of photo streaming.


Also, this application will keep you notified about the required permissions only. This means you will be notified about the required permissions by this application in the startup phase.

Response Time

As mentioned the gestures control over this application is so smooth so whatever changes you will be made over the screen of this application will quickly be picked up by the mirrored device hence the response time of this application is very efficient.




There is a lot of screen mirroring mobile applications that you will find over the google play store, but very few of them will provide you with such a quick response time that you can find over Airpin Pro Apk.

So if you are in need of the screen mirroring application that will work hand in hand with your business meetings presentations etc. you need to try this out once.