App Cloner Mod

Smartphones are now a vital part of our lives and the vital part of an android phone is the applications installed in it. Several applications can be installed on smartphones. Now some applications require you to log in to their application and you can log in to an application with only one account on the same device. To solve this problem we have App Cloner Mod Apk for you.

app cloner mod apk

app cloner mod apk

Smartphones can be fun when using them, they can download and install several types of useful applications. But the only drawback of it is that you can only install one application of the same type on a single mobile phone. If you want to access the same application with 2 different accounts, you need to have a second mobile phone to that.

But don’t worry there is an easy and affordable solution to enjoying your favorite application on the same device with 2 android phones. App Cloner Premium apk is such an application that will allow you to do this task.

The app cloner clones your application and makes an independent copy of the same application so that you can use 2 different accounts of the application on the same device. After you clone your applications with the help of this app cloner you will have 2 different applications independent of one another.

Additional Information

Name App Cloner Premium
Size 14MB
Latest Version 2.12.5
Update on 19 January 2022
Ratings 4+
Android Requirement 4.4 and Up
Category Tools
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app cloner premium apk

app cloner premium apk

If you want quick access to switching between your multiple social media accounts or want to play your favorite game with two different accounts on the same application, then don’t worry app cloner mod apk will clone your application into a second copy and you can run the application in a parallel environment. For this purpose, you also don’t need to do the heavy rooting of your device.

If you’re worried that you can’t use your 2 different WhatsApp accounts on your single mobile phone and were thinking of buying a new smartphone for this purpose, then don’t buy download this application now and clone your applications.

As this application makes copies of your favorite application without the need of a heavy root so it requires some hardware requirements for you to have. You should have good ram and memory to run this application smoothly without interruption.

Apart from cloning your application, you can use this application to change the icon of the application in the notifications. Also, you can run your applications in incognito mode. The application also provides added safety from external online threats and you can change your IP also.


App Cloner

App Cloner

App cloner mod apk features some exciting functions. This application has the capability and capacity to perform several interesting actions.

Make copies of apps.

The primary function of this cloning application is that it will make copies of applications and allow you to access the same application differently in parallel environments. Some apps allow you to make and use multiple accounts on the same app but for that, you have to log out and login continuously. But with the app cloner, you can switch between applications having different accounts easily and smoothly.

Incognito Mode

Apart from cloning the apps, this application also has an incognito login mode feature. When you use your application with this feature, then anything you do in the application is safe and your identity is protected and your actions cant be traced online.

Display Settings

The application also features interesting settings for your apps. You can change the in-app font size, the notification icons of the application with many more premium features unlocked.


Download the app cloner mod apk now and enjoy all the premium features of the application for free without any kind of ads. Use different accounts on parallel cloned apps and easily switch between them.