Apple Pie

As pranks are considered to be an integral part of friendship nowadays. Students nowadays play a prank with the rest of their fellows. It makes their friendship more strong and memorable.

People in old ages used to play simpler pranks but nowadays using smartphones in pranks very considerable. So the developers came with the idea of the Apple Pie Apk.

apple pie apk

apple pie apk

You can make play pranks with your fellows by calling them, or by setting their mobile phone wallpaper according to your own choice.

Send funny messages, making fake calls everything funnier can be applied to friends. This social media application is best for pranking your friends. If you want to embarrassed your friends in public.

Additional Information

Version v1.1
Size 1.3 MB
Total Downloads 1 M+
Updated on 13 February 2024
Requires Android 4.0 and Above
Cost Free
Category Tools
Get it on Play Store
Rating 3+

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The icon of this application makes the user think that this is an application by Steve Jobs. Designed for Apple Incorporation. Except for the icon, there is no other role of Steve Jobs in this application.

This application is developed for Android smartphones. Photo of Steve’s job will compel your friends to install this app on the smartphone.

Once on taping on the icon, it will start showing the real colors. You can now prank your friends in public.

Types of Pranks

There are different pranking types available in this app that make it even more interesting than other similar prank apps for Android.

Invite Friends

You can send the link of Apple pie APK to your friends via WhatsApp or any social media messaging medium.

After the installation of this application, it will look like a normal application related to Steve Jobs and Apple. After installation, this application will take over the user’s phone and plays irritating sounds with full volume.

If your friend hasn’t plug in the headphone in ears then it will be embarrassing. Not only just the voice, but the application will change the wallpaper and even ringtone. It will set the wallpaper of the user automatically making him double embarrassed.

Funny Application

A genre of this application is funny application. Because by playing prank you can easily make your friend laugh and can make his fun too.

Supports Android

It is the simplest application having the support with every android version. But it claims to work on android 4.0 and above but as far as testing of this application is concerned it worked for the older version of Android too.

So it will not bother you and your friend if they had the older version of will easily support the android version of their devices too.

Completely Secure

People are doubting that whether this application is secure or it will steal data from your phone but this is not correct.

These were only the rumors and developers have cleared the rumor and given their statement that Apple pie APK will not steal any of the data of the user.

The third-party analysis also made their final statement by saying this application is safe to use and these are the only misconception of people about the application.


People are more concerned about the size of the application they are installing. Even people show concern about the applications which are even more trending ones.

This application is very light weighted and does not consume much of the internet of the user. So you can play a prank with friends and share this application with friends without being worried about their phone storage or internet connectivity. This application will run flawlessly on every device out there.


This application is free of cost to use. There will be no extra charges on the installation of this application.

People might be thinking that it is the application by the Steve job by seeing the icon so it will charge some good amount on installation.

But this application can be installed on any device free of cost.


Many pranking applications on the internet show so many ads and sometimes user gets irritated with banner ads. This application is free of banners and ads and will not bother the users.


Q: Is this Apple Pie is developed by Steve Jib?

No, it is not but to play a prank its icon has the picture of Steve Job’s image.

Q: Does the Apple Pie application have ads?

No, it does not show any ads.

Q: Is Apple Pie is free of cots?

Yes, you can install it from the play store free of cost.