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Every individual uses the internet on their smartphone. Whether it’s web surfing or watching a movie or a funny or informative video on Youtube, everything is done on mobile phones these days. But the annoying part is that we have to see these tons of unwanted ads every day. Blokada mod apk is an app that lets you block these ads forever and has an added feature of battery saving in it. That’s the reason we have uploaded Blokada Premium Apk for our users.

Blokada Mod Apk

Blokada Mod Apk

The internet is free to use for all. But with the advantage of being free, the internet has a huge disadvantage in that it forces the users to see unwanted pop-up ads from tons of different ad companies.

These ads are either unwanted, or annoying or sometimes have malware and harmful viruses in them. And apart from that when these added ads are shown on your screen, they take away your battery which you might have never thought of.

Thanks to the Blokada mod apk, this problem is now fixed as you can now block all the ads that pop up on your screen and interrupt your joyful browsing.

When these unwanted ads are not shown on your screen, your battery and memory consumption is also reduced and hence this app truly lives up to its name of blocking ads and saving the battery of your phone.


Current Version
Requires Android
7.0 and up
Updated on 2 May 2023
Category Tools
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Blokada Premium Apk

Blokada Premium Apk

Blokada mod apk is a famous ad blocker for android and apple devices. Apart from being an ad blocker this app also tracks malware and malicious software on your devices and also saves you battery and data package.

Another best thing about this device is that you don’t need to pay a single penny to use the application and also there is no need for heavy rooting on your device to run the application.

The application is not available on the play store as it is an ad blocker and google makes money by ads so it goes against their policies.

The application is open-source which can be downloaded from here. Blokada is an effective ad blocker as it works on the principle of setting up a VPN on your device and monitoring all the DNS requests that are sent and after that blocking the unwanted requests and killing them. Which gives you uninterrupted usage.

The application prevents the browsers on your mobile phones from sending the information privately to respected parties. In this way the ad system doesn’t work and you don’t see any ads, and with this feature, your privacy is also conserved and no one can track your data.


Blokada mod apk has a set of amazing features that distinguish it from other adblocking services available for smartphone devices. Let’s discuss what this application has to offer.

Alter your DNS

If you are not familiar with the term DNS then no need to worry. You just have to know that DNS is a cool way to increase your security at this time. Changing your DNS will provide you with and additional security. So this application provided you the option to modify your DNS with some already provided options.

Battery Saver

Many ad blockers run in the foreground using your network. In this way, they drain away from your battery. This is where the blockade comes in. Blokada is an efficient application that runs in the background of your device and rather than consuming your network, it sets up a local VPN on your phone through which it monitors your traffic and blocks the ads.


Concluding the topic with this that Blokada mod apk is not just an ad blocker rather it provides you with many other added features. Changing your location and encrypting your data are the ones apart from blocking the ads and saving the battery. All the premium features are already unlocked in this modded version, so it is a piece of good news for you as you will get free access to all the premium features. So download now and enjoy your ad-free browsing.