Cashzine Mod

The Cashzine Mod Apk is an app from the genre of Lifestyle from the play store and the app store. The app provides you with daily videos, hacks, news, articles, etc which you can watch and engage on along with your friends.

Cashzine Mod Apk

Cashzine Mod Apk

The app uses a deep algorithm of AI and big data and generates all different sorts of content on your feed according to your preferences which you can watch on your device and can share with your friends.

The content recommendation is very relatable to your according to your likes and dislikes. You can read the content presented to you on your feed by the app. The more you read in-depth and with concentration, the more points will be awarded to you.

As you read you will be rewarded with the points as an incentive to support deep reading. These points can be then converted into real cash and can be cashed out using Paypal and other supported platforms.

The Cashzine Mod Apk has been designed and launched by Points Culture and due to its authentic features and the type of content it shows, it has crossed 10 million downloads on the Play Store and App Store.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
4.2 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 16 March 2023
Category Tools
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The Cashzine Mod Apk generates the daily content all according to your preferences which you can watch with your friends and family and have fun with. Not only this you will be rewarded for the interaction you do on this app.

To earn more coins you need to use the app more often. Apart from using the app, you can get coins by inviting other people to the application and making them use the app.

You can also share your thoughts on the content that you watch in the comments section. The chat option of the app allows you to interact with your friends and mates and share content all in one place.


Cashzine Mod Apk

Cashzine Mod Apk

For your assistance, I am going to list down and talk about some of the features of the Cashzine Mod Apk in the below text.

Preferred Content

The application has a well-designed AI and uses the deep algorithms of Big Data to gather and generate the latest and most trending content all according to the personal likes and preferences of its users. So the content that you will see, will be the content only generated for you alone.

Read Latest Articles

You can read different sorts of articles on different topics on this app. The article is updated regularly and you get a variety of topics to read on. So you can get news and info on any topic you want on this app.

Get Reading Allowance

To support the reading you get bonuses and rewards for each article that you read. The more you read with concentration the more points you will earn. These points and coins can then be exchanged for real money in the app.

Easy Cash out

The points that you earn, you can exchange into real cash. The check-out process of this application is very easy and you can cash out your money easily into your PayPal account.

Invite To Earn

The app rewards you coins for each person you invite to the app and make him use it. In this way, if you avoid some of your friends to the app, you can earn a lot of points and they can also earn points in the same way.


Concluding, this is a great app if you want quality content and earn money with it. You can also share the content with your friends and can watch it together and share thoughts on it in the chatbox provided.