Dropbox Mod

Do you have the bulk of your data and do not owe any high-end mobile device to store that much data? Then you sure try online cloud storage like Dropbox Mod Apk.

Dropbox Mod Apk

Dropbox Mod Apk

This application will provide you have online access to the bulk of your data. It works, like cloud storage in a secure way.

All you need to do is to select the data you want to upload over Dropbox it will start uploading it efficiently and later you can delete the data you have just uploaded here. It will release a huge amount of storage from your phone.

Also, you can save any type of data online no matter it’s pictures, videos, audio, document, or any file. It will allow you to store a huge amount of any type of data online.

Also, data storage will be organized that each category can be separated into different folders. Well, there is a lot to speak about this application which we have tried to summarize below in the article.

Additional Information

Ratings 4.2
Size 42 MB
Total Downloads 1 B+
Version V8.4
Updated on 20 March 2023
Offered by Dropbox Inc.
Category Tools
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Dropbox Premium

Dropbox Premium

Cloud Storage

As mentioned Dropbox Mod Apkis known to provide online storage. Everything you will upload here will be uploaded to the Dropbox server. From this online server, you can access your data and download it too whenever you want to.

By storing massive data on dropbox will allow you to release huge storage from your device thus leading towards efficient use of the mobile device.

All Files

It also allows you to store any type of file onto it like audio, video, image, or any other document. It will never show any warning relating format of the file being uploaded. It supports the storage of every sort of file.


Make your data secure with password encryption. Although your email account will be linked up to this application and you need to have a valid email and password for the creation of the account.

Secondly, you need to remember your valid email every single time to get into this application. And lastly, you can make double protection by implementing encryption over the application.

By going through all these steps will allow you to have a secure way of data storage without getting attacked by hackers or data will not be stolen.

Data Sharing

Also if you want to share the uploaded data over dropbox there will many ways to do so too. Firstly you can download it directly into a gallery and share it with your required contact through any social media application.

Secondly, if you do want that person to store the shared data you can give him online access here you can share the generated link of the required data to that user. After clicking over the link he will get online access to the data.

This means he will be only able to view the data but will not be allowed to store the data onto the device he is using.

Offline Access

Also, the data that you have uploaded here can give you offline access. For instance, if you want to preview data that is uploaded over here but you do not have an internet connection you can download it for offline use too.


This application will scan documents for you and will directly store them over it. This means if you need to scan the document before uploading it over here you will just need to tap over the camera icon. No third-party application will be required for scanning.

Massive Storage

If you are wondering how much massive storage you will find over this application the let us tell you. It will allow you to store 2TeraBytes of data free of cost.

Just imagine how expensive it will be to buy any secondary storage device with such capacity. This application offers the bulk of data completely free.


Almost 500 top companies in the world are using Dropbox for the storage of their organizational data. So it tells how secure this application is for data storage.


No doubt the technology is evolving and storing data over any hardware storage device is becoming outdated now. You need to be in connection with the evolution of technology.

If you are thinking to store massive data online without getting into the purchasing of hardware devices we suggest you try out Dropbox Mod Apk.