Evil Operator

Prank call application that will allow you to call two of your friends pranking them that they have called each other. You can record their call and can listen to their conversation. You can later send them their call recording too.

Evil Operator Apk

Evil Operator Apk

You can use Evil Operator Apk to play peculiar phone pranks. You can share their chat later by applying the voice-over effects in the real call. Although there are many other voice changer applications too what makes this application worth downloading is its real-time voice changing effects.

Making the conference call will not reveal who you are, your friends will be thinking that they have called each other and will never come to know who exactly made the call, and later by sharing their recording to them will let them be astonished.

Additional Information

Name Evil Operator Apk
Size 8.4 MB
Version 1.254
Total downloads 5 k+
Updated on 20 March 2023
Required 3.0 and above
Category Tools
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Evil Operator

Evil Operator

As in the introduction, we have tried our best to make you understand the concept and main idea of the application. But still, there are many queries related to the working and main features of the game.

Below we have mentioned some of the top features of the game that it provides to its user.

  • Tokens
  • Chat sharing
  • Conference
  • Funny sound
  • Play ringtone


Thanks to the token purchasing idea where you can call your mates without any limit. As many as you will buy the token it will let to make as many lengthy calls to your mates. If you want to have extra fun with your mates then make sure that you have purchased enough amount of coins to make the call.

Chat sharing

You can later share your chat with the rest of your mates to make them laugh. They will be shocked after hearing their recording. Because they were thinking they have called each other and didn’t know about you.


You can later show your presence at the call-in conference. Making the conference call is optional you can simply record their voice call or if you want to appear in the video call you can do it easily.

Funny sound

In a conference call, you can apply funny effects on the voice that they will never recognize you that have appeared in our voice call.

Because they were supposing they have to call each other and even you can call any of your friends and can apply real-time voice changer which will never let them recognize you that who you are.

You can apply any voice effect on your voice like you can apply female voice effect, kid voice effect and can apply an old man voice effect too.

Play ringtone

You can play ring tone on call when your mate will receive the call by doing so they will be bothered by the ringtone and will surely irritate and will be angry at the caller. You can record that call too. And can later share with them.


Evil Operator Apk works on a very simple technique. After taping the icon of the application you have to enter the number of friends you want to make the call. And that’s all your call will be directed to them and on their phone screens, they will receive phone numbers of each other.

This will let them think that they have made the call to each other. You can also call them directly by applying the voice-changing effects that will never let them know about who you are. If you call them from a new number that will never let them know about you.


Q: Is this application is free of cost?

Yes, this application is free to install.

Q: Is this application is available on the play store?

Yes, this application is available on the play store and you can download it from there directly.

Q: Can we apply voice effects in this application during the call?

Yes, you can easily be working on voice effects on this application is real-time-based.

Q: Does this app include in-app purchases?

Yes, it offers some in-app purchases.

Q: Why do we have to spend on in-app purchases?

As mentioned above you have to purchase tokens in order to make a nonstop call. Otherwise, you will be limited to a specified time and your call will be dropped afterward.