File Commander

If you are looking for any is a powerful file manager that assists you to handle any file on your Android device remotely then File Commander Premium Apk is for you.

File Commander Premium Apk

File Commander Premium Apk

This application will allow you cloud storage or through a clean and user-friendly interface. You can handle the bulk of pictures library, music, video, documents.

More so, these files can be renamed, compressed, delete and share with just a few taps.

It can act as your storage analyzer too by showing detailed information occupied on your phone and will suggest you delete giant files that have occupied a lot of space on your phone. In simple terms, you can quickly free up space on your device.

It will allow you many options of conversion the format of the file to that is it will allow you 100 free formats of files to be converted into. It will take full control of your device

Additional Information

Ratings 4.3
Size 13MB
Total downloads 100M+
Version 7.0.38767
Updated on 13 February 2024
Offered by MobiSystem
Category Tools
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File Commander

File Commander

Some of the key features of File Commander Premium are discussed below.

  • File Manager
  • File Converter
  • Profile
  • Categories
  • Remote Access
  • Sharing
  • Secure
  • PC Sharing
  • Recycle Bin
  • Bluetooth Sharing
  • Recent Searches
  • Hidden files
  • Bookmark

File Manager

As the name suggests this application is designed for data organization. Your large bulk of data will be managed in a neater manner which you can access later so.

Files organization is its key feature so your data will not be messed up and later you can search any of your data quickly and more efficiently.

File Converter

This application allows you to convert the format of the file into 100 available formats quickly. So this application is the solution to many problems regarding file management and conversion.


You will be asked to make your profile by signing in to the account. You will have to put in an authentic email and password.


Your data will be managed into categories according to the format of data. Picture, songs, and videos will be organized according to their type. It has made the searching process so easy.

Every data will be separated by its type thus fulfilling the need of a user that is the best organization of data.

Remote Access

As you will be signed in using your email and password. So you could be capable of accessing your data from any remote location.

This application also provided cloud storage where you can access your data from a remote location quickly and efficiently.


Sharing files direct from the remote location haven’t been as easy as with this application. You can directly share your files on any social media plat for using this application.


This application is securely powered with data encryption. This application is safe to use. Data cannot be lost, hacked through any means because of the encryption of data.

PC Sharing

Files and folders can be accessed through the PC too. As this application has the login profile so you can access your data through your PC too.

Recycle Bin

Deleted files and folders will be saved in the recycle bin first. From where you can restore the files and folders later. The only way to permanently delete the data is to delete it from the recycle bin too.

Bluetooth Sharing

Any data whether file or folder can be shared to the nearby device directly using the Bluetooth feature.

Recent Searches

Your recent searches will be visible in the pane. It will help you to save a lot of your time instead of searching again from start you can access that file again from the recent searches pane.

Hidden files

You can make your files hidden too if you are worried about your data security. Hidden files will only be accessible after providing the correct password which you have set before.


You can bookmark any folder you want to in File Commander Premium. This will help you can quickly get into the files of that folder.


Its Modded version completely adds free. You will no longer have to wait during the format conversion of the file.

Mod Version

File Commander

File Commander

  • Premium features unlocked.
  • Ads-Free
  • Convert files Unlocked
  • Free files convert
  • Removed unwanted Permissions
  • Analytics disabled
  • Drive cloud
  • Backup works.


Q: Is this File Commander is free of cost?

Yes, this application is free to install.

Q: Is this File Commander includes free format conversion?

Yes, it does so but may cost you to watch a few ads. But you can also get rid of it in the Modded version.