Fitness Coach Mod

The Fitness Coach Mod Apk is an app that comes under the category of sports. This app can help you in achieving your fitness goals with its professionally designed fitness plans according to your needs and your level of fitness. Launched by the Ariafirlaris it has achieved so much after it was released.

Fitness Coach Mod Apk

Fitness Coach Mod Apk

The application is well designed and is suitable for any age group. All you need to do is to open the application and put in your details so that the app can analyze your level of fitness then you can choose what you want to achieve and the app will smartly make a workout and meal plan for you.

No matter whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, you can do that with this application. It has plans for both the people. There are tons of exercises with multiple exercises focusing on single muscle groups so that you can train that muscle more precisely and accurately.

You can also track your fitness level and your plan in this app with regular or weekly graphs and charts. All of these stats are very easy to track due to the understandable UI of the Fitness Coach Mod Apk.

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Requires Android
6.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 16 March 2023
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Anyone who has a fitness goal but doesn’t know where to start can download and use this application. All you need to do is to fill in the info and let the app analyze your fitness level after which you can choose what you want to achieve. According to your level o fitness and choice of training you selected, the app will give you a personalized training and meal plan.

Apart from that, there are different workout challenges with hundreds of exercises that you can complete. Working on separate muscle groups is also very easy with the exercises provided by the Fitness Coach Mod Apk.


Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach

The major features of the Fitness Coach Mod Apk are given below.

Personalized Work Out Plans

The app smartly generates the best workout plans with plenty of exercises according to the need of your body and the information you provided. If you provided the correct information then it will be a great plan for you to follow.

Meal Plans

Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach

No matter you want to gain weight and muscle or want to lose a lot of weight, you can set the parameters and the app will smartly build a meal plan according to your needs. If you follow that plan you will see the results with time.

Plenty Of Exercises

There are different exercises that you can do in this app. The app has cool animations to teach you each exercise you click on. Each exercise in this app is designed for a specific muscle group. You can make your exercise plan also by selecting the best exercises that you like.

30 Minute Training Session

The app has a 30-minute training session in which you can train if you are a busy person. You can select your rhythm and then train according to the app. This session will also be enough for you to reach your fitness goals.

Easy Tracking

If you use the app daily then tracking your performance is very easy with the help of bar charts and different easy-to-understand graphs.


No matter who you are and what fitness level you want to achieve, this Fitness Coach Mod Apk can help you with all your fitness and health needs. With its personalized set of meal and workout plans and a guide of a different set of exercises each focusing on a different and single muscle group, this app is a must-have app for every phone user in their phones.