Galaxy Max Hz Premium Mod

For Samsung device users seeking more control over their smartphone’s display settings, the Galaxy Max Hz Premium Mod Apk emerges as a straightforward and efficient solution. This app allows users to tweak refresh rates, offering customization options for a smoother user experience. Today, we’ll explore the practical features that make Galaxy Max Hz Premium a notable choice for Android enthusiasts looking to personalize their device settings.

Application Overview

Galaxy Max Hz Premium Mod Apk

Galaxy Max Hz Premium Mod Apk

Galaxy Max Hz Premium is an Android application tailored for Samsung device users seeking greater control over their smartphone’s display performance. The app’s primary function is to manage the refresh rates of the device, which directly influences the smoothness of animations and transitions on the screen. Users can easily adjust the default refresh rates of their devices, making it a valuable tool for those with devices supporting multiple refresh rates.

One of the standout features of Galaxy Max Hz Premium Mod Apk is its ability to customize refresh rates on multiple levels. Users can set supported mid refresh rates as the maximum limit, a handy feature for optimizing battery usage without compromising performance.

Additionally, the app allows for individualized refresh rate settings for specific applications. This means users can tailor the refresh rate to match the requirements of each app, offering a level of personalization not commonly found in default device settings.

Galaxy Max Hz Premium goes beyond refresh rate customization with its screen-off modifications. Users can force the lowest refresh rate during screen-off or Always-On Display (AOD) to enhance standby power consumption.

Additional Information

Requires Android
8.0 and up
Downloads 50,000+
Size 123 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 14 February 2023
Category Tools
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Application Features

Galaxy Max Hz

Galaxy Max Hz

Below are the features of this app.

Refresh Rate Customization:

Galaxy Max Hz Premium lets you control how fast your phone’s screen refreshes, affecting the smoothness of animations and transitions. Adjusting refresh rates helps balance performance and battery life. You can set limits and even choose different rates for specific apps, tailoring your experience to suit your preferences.

Screen-Off Power Saving:

The app enhances standby power usage by lowering the refresh rate when your screen is off or on Always-On Display (AOD).It saves battery by intelligently adjusting the refresh rate during periods of inactivity, ensuring your device consumes less power when not in use.

Individual App Settings:

You can customize the refresh rate for each app, adapting it to their specific needs. Different apps have different requirements; setting individual refresh rates ensures optimal performance for each application without compromising overall system settings.

Quick-Doze Mode:

Galaxy Max Hz Premium allows for a quick entry into a low-power doze mode during screen-off, minimizing battery drain. This feature is particularly useful when you want to conserve battery during extended periods of screen inactivity, preventing unnecessary power consumption.

Auto Power-Saving Mode:

The app automatically activates a power-saving mode after a brief period of screen inactivity. By turning off auto-sync and minimizing power-hungry processes, this feature helps extend battery life during moments when your phone is not actively in use.

Maximum Charge Protection:

Galaxy Max Hz Premium Mod Apk lets you set a maximum charge limit, protecting your battery from reaching its full capacity. Limiting the charge helps prolong battery life, as constantly charging your device to its maximum capacity can contribute to long-term degradation. This feature ensures a more extended overall battery lifespan.


In short, Galaxy Max Hz Premium Mod Apk simplifies the customization of Samsung device display settings, allowing users to tweak refresh rates for improved performance and battery life. With features like individual app settings, screen-off power-saving modes, and maximum charge protection, the app offers practical solutions for everyday users seeking a straightforward way to optimize their smartphone experience.